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April 15, 2007

My Own Personal Diary...

Look! Isn't it cute!

Yes, finally I have my own personal diary. This time it'll really be PERSONAL coz all of it will be written in the cute diary book my mommy just bought especially for ME!!! It'll surely be confidential. Now I can write all sorts of things in there & stick all sorts of pictures too... Even uncensored pictures of myself... *ahem* I can write anything about EVERYTHING! All sorts of rubbish stuff in there... teeheehee!

Oh, I just love my new diary...

This is where I'll be sticking my face. Yes, my face! You hear that doggies?

Another picture of where I'll be sticking my face. Only my face & NO ONE ELSE! *grins* Just trying to make myself clear...

And look! It even comes with a small lock & keys! That will keep it safe...

But not that it'll protect from any doggies from opening it. There are ways like, chewing the lock or maybe bite the cardboard box to bits...OMdoG!!! I shouldn't have told you all! *bites her tongue*

This is how it looks like. My mommy told me that it's quite expensive & she warned me that I BETTER use it or else...

Oh, I lurve my new diary! Now I have two! One on blogger ofcourse & one comes in a form of a book! Teeheehee... Please don't take it away from me if I do write rubbish in there.


Boo said...

so, this is gonna be your photo diary. that's so cool. remember the photo album mom got me for my 1st birthday? well, she says she'll get one each year. now, my photos are arranged according to 1st barkday and 2nd barkday. LOL

when you get stuff in there, remember to share with us.

wet wet licks


ChaCha & Yuki said...

Hi Amber! wow that's a nice diary, make sure you write in it everyday;)


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

What a nifty looking diary you have there!

Have fun filling it up!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Amber,
That is a way cool diary. Mama said to tell you that she has never seen any like that around here. Be sure to fill it up with lots of pictures & cool stories.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That is a cool diary...You hooman is so nice and sweet.

Boy n Baby

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, what a beautiful diary. And your face in that last photo is just ADORABLE!

Oscar x

Molly said...

wowow ! thats so cool ! now u hav 2 personal diaries now ... congrats ! well, u can complain more abt those hoomans when they not there to supervise u.. u can jot down all those bad habits that hoomans hav too ya know.. who says humans are perfect too rite ? wahahaha !

*evil plans*