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April 15, 2007

Guilty as always...

Oh yes... I've been a bad doggy for this past few weeks ever since I became a star after the commercial shoot. I'm finally gonna confess to you all & admit that I'm a notty girl becoz my mommy force me to... (mommy: *smacks her on the head*)

Let me tell you all what happened. My hooman was just bringing Chloe & me out for a early morning walk to do our yucky business. W
e were about to go down a grassy hill. It's not that high but my hooman's balance is not that very good plus, it was soaking wet after the rain the night before. I saw a cat just before we reached to the slope. My hooman saw it too & warned me & Chloe to not go after it by giving us a light tug. You know how we are with cats... We behaved after that & continued walking towards the slope. But the moment we started walking down the slope, I saw the cat again running across the busy main road & yes... I pulled till my hooman came down flying from the slope & landed on the hard concrete pavement, face flat. This is how she looks like now...

Quite awful isn't it? Yucks! (mommy: *smacks her on the head for the 2nd time*)

My hooman became very furious after that & scolded my upside down all the way back home. If I'm not mistaken, I think she gave me one GOOD smack on the backside too! Ofcourse, I got scared after that & just sat quietly on the floor looking guilty... She didn't talk to me nor did she feed me after that as a punishment. But after few hours, she decided not to starve me. See! Who can ever starve a star like me??? (mommy: *smacks her on the head for the third time*)


Sophie Brador said...

Amber, You must be more careful. The paparazzi would have a field day with that, had they seen. "Amber Mae on wild rampage," "Amber Mae parties till someone drops," "Amber Mae shaves her fur off." Well, okay, maybe the last one is pushing it a bit. Your hooman's t-shirt is funny.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Yikes! You must have really made your Mum pissed off at you - and the pain she must have been in!

But then again, it is tempting to just go chase the cat isn't it?

Take care!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Uh oh, you were a bad girl. Your Mommies legs look so sore. They must hurt terrible. Now she probably won't take you for walkies anymore. Are you in doggie jail??? hehehehehe.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

schnoodlepooh said...

Ouch, poor mommy's legs. And you are lucky that you didn't run into the street and get smashed flat by a car.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh, i had d experience of hitting on my owner while she's actually walking, coz i didn't manage to break during my 'hot lap'...n BUMP!... but her injury is definately nothing, compare 2 urs..

hope u get well soon..

Boo said...

gosh! that's some nasty bruises there. amber mae, you are a BIG girl, with you and chloe in tow, i bet she couldn't react even if she wanted to.

poor mommy.

wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Uh ohh.. you are in deep sh*t.. Your mummy's injuries look pretty bad.. (if I did that, I suspect my mom might disown me.. lucky I am small so it's unlikely that I have the strength to makie her fall..)
Don't fret, just give your mummy more pathetic looks and she'll not hold it against you for long!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hmmmm, after reading your story, we jus got this to say... not your fault, the cat's fault.

You agree?

Boy n Baby

Oscar Airedale said...

Owie, poor mum's legs look super sore. Good job she held on to you though otherwise you may have run in the road. Stoopid cats, always getting us into trouble.

Oscar x

3 Furballs said...

Oh gosh look at your mummy's legs. Guess you better lick them well and be a good dog from now on. But I know how those cats are..Tinkerbell and Rubie are just crazy abt them too. Luckily they're smaller in size and I can still control them.

umekotyan said...

Is it safe?
The operation of a sudden dog should take care.

from loved ume tyan

Cleopatra said...

Hey Amber...

He he he... I think this is funny. Though I am sure your mommy didn't think so.

I nearly caused my mom to fall into the pond once when I first started to swim...I thought it was funny but she didn't.

Mommy let me in the water but hung on to the leash, so in case I had trouble in the water then she could pull me out..

What she didn't realise was that I am a natural swimmer. So after two mins, I decided to charge out of the pond, run at top speed in a circle around her and make a flying leap back into the pond!

Luckily there was a tree that mommy just managed to grab, otherwise she would have been in the water with me...

she wasn't pleased with me though cause I caused her to get a slight whiplash, esp since I'm a hefty dog - 28kgs in total while mommy is only 35kgs! So i was taken out of the water immediately!


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Amber- Mae! Ouch, that looks very painful. That wasn't very nice. I just bite my mum's ankles! Asta

Marvin The Dog said...

oooooooooooh that looks real sore Amber-Mae! Give your Mama a hug and a kiss from us here in Bonnie Scotland.

No chasing of a silly cat is worth that type of injury! Mind you I would probably have done exactly the same! I hate 'em, evil kittys.

Simba says they have blades in their paws! Once I got scratched on the nose by one evil kitty, I had a big red blob on my handsome black nose! Ouch!

love and licks Marvin xxxxxxx

Suki said...

Oh, your poor mommy! Ouch! I know, sometimes it's hard not to listen to your instincts when they tell you to "RUN! CHASE THE CAT!" I have the same problem.

Hope your mommy gets better soon!
Puggy kisses

Billy said...

Ouch! That has to hurt...poor mommy...Amber you have to be a little bit more careful especially going DOWN hill and having someone behind you holding on to your leash!

Hope she gets well soon:)

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Oooh Amber Mae,

those knees look very sore. Poor Mom.

I did something similar to my ma, she was riding her bike really quickly on the beach (the sand on the beach was really hard). I was on the lead running alongside, then I took a notion to run across her, she braked and flew over the handlebars. Ooops. Lots of bruises and howling.

Hope your Mom gets better soon.

And you are absolutely gorgeous. Do you have a boyfriend?

I'll add your smelly blogplace to my list of droolable links; feel free to do the same...

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

PS ooops, just realised you're ahead of me, and have my place in your link list. Am off to add you to mine now.

Tin Tin xo

PiratesGrrl said...

Ouch! Well, at least it was for a good cause. :)

The Brat Pack

Simba said...

oh that was naughty. Even stars have to behave themselves.

Simba xx

Fu Fu said...

Ouchie Amber, you got smacked on the head 3 times. The scar looks very painful. I hope your human heals soon. Meanwhile, you better keep a low profile..


Amber-Mae said...

Sophie- Hehehe, well I gotta be honest to you all. This is the 5th time I pulled my hooman till she fell face flat on the rough road. Once on grass but the rest on the hard road & concrete pavement. Teeheehee... I can't help it! Cats are like pests to me & need to chase them just like cats need to go after rats & moths.

FurkidsHK- Oh man, you can't believe how pissed of she was at me. Smoke was literally coming out of both her ears!

Butchy&Snickers- Yes it was very soar for a week but now it's healing. She has no choice but to take me for walks every morning coz my mommy Melissa is in school.

Schnoodlepooh- Yeah, I was strapped tight to my hooman's waist & that made her flew down the hill. But my hooman was glad that I was strapped on her coz like you said, or else I would have been run over...

Pacco- Oh atleast your mama didn't get hurt like mine...

HuskeeBoy- oh she forgiven me a LONG TIME ago already. Yesterday I saw the same cat on the hill again. Chloe & I pulled my mommy Melissa but then jerked us back & shouted. Woowoowoo...

Boy&Baby- You're absolutely right! Cats should be dominated by US dogs!

Oscar- Cats should m****d!!!! Ooopss...I hope I didn't offend any kitties here on blogger.

3Furballs- I tried licking her sored knee but she screamed! i just wanted to help cure her bruise but maybe that day she was just disappointed in me. But now she's okay with me!!! Hehehehe!

Cleopatra- Wooow, luckily your mommy didn't fall into the river along with you. Imagine her walking back into the car soaking wet. There'll be PUParazzies taking pics of her. LOLx!

Asta- Why did you bite your mom's ankles???

Marvin- I once got scratched too by my evil kitty sis. I got one scratch just under my eye. Luckily she didn't scratch my eyeball or else I would've been blind!

Suki- Haha, you're right! Just gotta chase the cat! Last night I saw two cats outside my house but my mommy warned me not to go after them & so I didn't. See I'm a good girl too!

Billy- But I can't help it Billy dear... What am I gonna do?

TinTin- Oh no! There was once when I was strapped onto my mommy's bicycle handle & my mom rode her bicycle slowly. But then when I saw a cat running down the road I ran after it & pulled her bike. And unfortunately I ran towards the other direction & mommy couldn't brake becoz I was pulling hard so she ran over me! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! She almost toppled herself like your mommy but she manage to get her feet back onto the ground before the back wheel ran over me. My thigh hurt terribly & I limped so my mommy carried my hefty body back herself all the way back home, leaving her bike behind on the middle of the road. Mommy was very very very worried that she might have broke my bones but eventually I recovered after that & still walking normally as usual. And the bike? Well, she went back for it after that. Scary isn't it??? So from that day onwards she said, "no more bike rides!"

PiratesGrrl- Hehe yeah but as a payback, it isn't fun at all!

Simba- Not really! Hahaha! And I'm talking about myself!

Thank you all for the kind wishes for my mom. Her bruises have recovered but now her skin kinda look awful(mommy:*smacks her bum*) Hey, I'm telling the truth!

Thanks for your comments everyone!
Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

*Sasha* said...

you have to be more careful, know la...hooman don't have very good balance since they only hv 2 legs and we have 4! so, before we decided to chase a cat (although it's very tempting), we have to think for our hooman too...your hooman must be in pain during that time...but nevertheless, i'm sure you have the magical power to heal her, emotionally and physically :)