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April 12, 2007

Faith has recovered!

Faith speaking here,

Hey guys... I'm well & back to myself! I've been having terrible fevers on & off for a week after I took my special vaccination last Friday. My fever was unusual so my hoomans got me some antibiotics to cure me. We
ll, I'm fine now! My sister Amber allowed me to have a chance to blog only for today so here goes.


These pictures are specially dedicated to Boo my love who has cheered me when I was not feeling well for these past few days & who has also promise
d to put my pretty face on his banner. This is also dedicated to my other lover BenBen & the other boys. Are you ready for this guys??? I hope you are...


Ta-dah! Nice?


Damn, I look PHAT! (Pretty, Hot And Tempting)

Okay, last one for you boys...

Hope you guys enjoyed my "special" photos. I think you guys better get a bowl of ice water now coz it's getting TOO hawt in here, *giggles* Okay, to-da-loo!


Boo said...

luckily mommy helped in censoring the private part. i can't imaging the whole dog world is watching my girl's girl girl! :-)

glad you are feeling now faith!

wet wet licks


Goofy said...

muahaha!!! hot hot hot!!!!!!

Billy said...

Mom just threw me into a cold shower...thank GOD!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Simba said...

Its not fair I'm not allowed to look. I will save the pictures until next month, I'll be old enough to look then.

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

You DO sit just like me! Ha Ha! It's comfy, right??? At least your humans censored your pictures. Hey, I'm white & I have a couple spots...maybe we're soul sisters!

Lola the little white Boxer

Marvin The Dog said...

phew! I certainly need the ice water Faith! Wow, what a girly!

Boo Boo said...

Can Can Can Can .... Can I have to original photo before the censoring ??? ..... ****droolssssssss****

Boo Boo said...

Wow ..... this is sooooooo hot .... How do I get to be your HUSBAND ???

**wink wink****


PS : I can only log in using my brother's account.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Uh oh,
Maggie will be mad at me for looking at your lovely photos, tee hee!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
PS We're glad to hear you are feeling much better! luv, Butchy & Snickers

jaffeboy said...

OMdoG... hot hot hot... Someone turn on the air-con PLEASE!!!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

glad ur okay now...

guz wat...actually now i'm 2 yo...i actually got vaccinated once onli...hahah...

but i think is normal to had some fever for a day....

Fu Fu said...

Hee Faith, do you always sit like this?

~ fufu

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Faith,
Glad u r feeling better.. If I give you my email address, can you send me your uncensored pics??? Urmm.. I tink Amber should let you make a 'guest appearance' once a week if you are going to be sharing pics like this.. better yet, I think you should have your very own XXX-rated blog!! (my mom just knocked me on my head cos she said I sounded like a pervert.. I am not.. seriously..)

Oscar Airedale said...

I'm not sure I should really have looked, only being 10 months old, but wowie Faith, you are a hot dog! Pass the ice cubes mum.

Oscar x

Amber said...

I didn't see anything, I close my eyes! Really! =X

I glad that you're feeling much better, Chloe!
take care

Luv Amber!!

3 Furballs said...

Oh gosh Faith you look so sexy there. We should maybe start posing in our photos! But we hate the camera!

Glad you're feeling alright now.

Tiffany, Rubie & Tinkerbell

Amber said...

I mean Faith! haha

schnoodlepooh said...

You are one HOT pup! woo hoo! Thanx for visiting our poodle city. Yes, we are two purebred poodles and one schnoodle. Bailey is a schnauzer x poodle. He's one fine dog! And so are the poodle boys. We have ton of fun and LOVE to make new dog friends. We're gonna put you on our blog roll and come back again soon. woof on ya!

Amber-Mae said...

Faith replying here...Finally got permission from Amber coz normally she wouldn't allow unless she feels like it.

Boo- Oh, I love the attention Boo! Especially from you...*ahem*

Goofy- Thank you for that fine comment Goofy!

Billy- I hope you didn't freeze to death...lolx!

Simba- Now that's what I call a good boy. I know you can't wait any longer right?

Lola- Hmmm maybe. But we look nothing like sistas. I mean, I'm full of spots & you're a well...spotless!

Marvin- Thank you dear!

BooBoo- Oh BooBoo, unfortunately mommy has censored the original pictures & deleted all of it in the camera already. She keeps on forgetting to do stuff on the copied pics NOT the original. Sigh...

Bond- Good question! I don't know!

Butchy&Snickers- I hope she didn't get mad you yet.

JaffeBoy- Hahaha, that hot ah?

Pacco- Our new vet in our area says that every month we should get vaccinated. Don't ask me why but he said it's for our own health! Doesn't matter we've already finished our three vaccines but he said still carry on so my hoomans still let us have vaccines lor...

FuFu- No lah, this is my 1st time actually. Not bad ah? Not bad for a 1st timer...

HuskeeBoy- do sound like a pervert. Teeheehee! Hmmmm, what an excellent idea Huskee! Start out my own XXX-rated Blog. Now that should get all the boys attention! I think I'll get 10 comments per day non-stop!!! Hahahaha!!!

Oscar- You can say that again babez...

Amber- Good, don't see it! Coz only boys allowed...lolx!

3Furballs- Yeah you should try! It's quite comfortable you know sitting like that on da couch.

Schnoodlepooh- Thanks for dropping by guys! I'll ask my sista Amber to add you here too. Thanks for adding us boys! Big kiss for you! See ya dears...

Thanks to you all for the kind wishes. I'm back & happy! Went for training today & as usual, did my stuff but in a lazy way. My hooman always get angry with me if I don't do it right...hehehe!

Thanks for your comments,
Kiss & Nibbles,
Faith Angel

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Lol, that was really funny - thanks for the laugh!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Ooh Amber, You are real hot!

Love & Drool

Pacco de Mongrel said...

vaccine every month...

beware of over vaccination!