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December 6, 2007

How About A Full Day Of Pampering & Spa?

Today we got all our paws & muscles cleaned out, rejuvenated, revitalized, perfumed, massaged... oh yeah baby, the whole works! We went to the SPA!!!

It just opened last Sunday & it's located just opposite our training grounds, so cool! We left a bit late becoz it was raining this morning. When we reached the place, it was nice & cold inside & there was no other clients there yet. Only us... I was up first coz mommy wanted to take pictures of me before the battery depletes. Silly her, the battery depleted before she could even take any pictures of Faith. Why wasn't she ready? Sheesh!

Oooo, nice place!

Next door is a pet shop. That doggie in there stank! I would definitely recommend him a spa treatment...

Why are we locked inside here?

Take one more last look at dirty, smelly us before we get spa-ed...

Me first? Oh no, get me outta here!

Wash wash first...

Rinsing off the smelly shampoo...

Now in the tub to be soaked in Lavender flavored sea salt water for 15 mins...

According to them, they said that sea salt is good to clean out the impurities in the skin. Faith was also soaked in sea salt but hers was Chamomile flavored. Mommy chose those flavors coz she said they smell good. To me, they smelled smelly! Chloe on the other hand was covered in mud. They say mud is good to soften the fur & is good for the minerals to go into the skin & blah blah blah! Anyway, back to me...

At first I wasn't enjoying myself & just wanted to get out of the tub but when my mommy handed the groomer my favorite squeaky green ball to give it to me so that I will be happy in there, I was enjoying myself after that. She kept on making me do 'sits', 'downs' & 'shakes' in the water. They all were very impressed that I could do tose IN water. They were also snapping lots & lots of pictures of me too. I wonder if they're gonna use the pictures to advertise their spa? Hope so, then I'll be famous!

Next, it was Chloe's turn...

I wonder if she knew that I was on the other side of the wall? Hey Chloe, I'm here playing with these ladies!

Then they made me pose with this towel on my head.

Time to be wiped dry!
Me getting blown dry by a soooper doooper loud monster! I was sooo terrified of it but after while, I got used to it.

Meanwhile... Faith, waiting for her fate.

Here's Chloe all covered in mud, wrapped up & steamed... Is this what I call pampering or what?!

I mean, look at her! Enjoying herself there... She didn't even struggle one bit while being wrapped up. All the groomers were asking my hoomans, is she a human or a dog? They said they have not had a client like her before, sooo well behaved! Certainly more well behaved than me & Faith... We did struggle a bit.
She even fell a sleep while the groomer was massaging her. They all couldn't believe what they were seeing, even me! Gosh, she definitely isn't a dog...

Meanwhile again, Faith was getting cold coz it was still raining. My mommy found two baskets full of nice, half priced doggie clothes. She found this for her! And it only cost RM25(US$7.40) The coat is thick & good quality & they said that it is worth it & so they bought it. There were also small sized clothes selling for RM10(US$2.90) only.

This is me again, almost done. Are you ready to see what I'm gonna look like after this? Get ready guys...

Ta-daaaaaa!!! Don't I look gorgeous? Oh yeah, I do...

Look, I even have ribbons on my ears! Oh how silly...

My mommy was squealing away when she saw the two pink ribbons on my ears...

My hoomans said that they see improvements in my fur. It's whiter, yes, cleaner & it's much much softer! I was sooo happee to see my hoomans again. It was like we had been separated for months! I wagged my tail vigorously & jumped on them. They liked how I smelled. And now, ready to see the new Chloe?

Here she is! Sooo much fluffier...

Chloe had ribbons tied to her ears too...

Sorry, the camera died before my mommy could even take anymore pictures of her & Faith. Faith looked great & soooper white after she was done. She had no ribbons becoz her fur is short but she had been holding her bladder the whole day that she peed in the spa immediately after she was done.

The whole thing cost RM250. Chloe's mud treatment cost RM120, mine cost RM70 & Faith's cost RM60. These are all special price already becoz we were there on the opening day. Now won't be sooo cheap , I think but it's a worth trying it! I'm serious guys. If you love water, then you should try out the sea salt treatment.

Anyway, the reason why we had this was becoz our OB trials is this Sunday & my hoomans wanted us to smell & look good. We've been having intensive training everyday & so far, mommy said I've improved a bit. Less lagging now & I'm more excited about doing it. Well, that's becoz of the delicious liver in her hand. I'm beginning to 'watch' her too...

We need some good vibes from you all!

Hope we will at least pass. Don't really need to get 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing, just need to pass & get certs! Well guys, cross your paws, wag your tails, squeak your balls, whatever, that we will do well this Sunday. We appreciate it alot...


~Sweety~ said...

Hi Amber!!

Wow.. i am the 1st!!! to comment on ur post! so excited!!

Wah Spa treatment!!!! the place look so exclusive!!!!! Pawsome PAwsome!!!

Wow... the wooden tub looks really comfy its so big!

Chole really know how to enjoy life... She must have the "tai tai" mind set.. haha

Faith look really pretty in tt "burberry" lookalike poncho!

Wah... you all have such a good life. Malaysia is also very wet?? SG is WET WET WET n WETTTTTT

Lots of Love,

Pacco de Mongrel said...

wulala....i won't get any spa treatment for d rest of my life...tat's wat my owner said...

she ask me do mud bath during my jungle trekking...

King King said...

wow!! All of you are really enjoying life!! nw is the raining season and i think the only mud treatment i can get is those muddy water out on the road.

Sparky said...

Wow, Amber! That must have been great! However, I could never enjoy going to the SPA. But you and Faith really look like you're enjoying it! The sea salt bath sounds very interesting.

And oh boy, how different you look when you finished! You and Faith look so beautiful! Your fur looks so soft, and I think the bows on your ears make you 2 look extra cute, he he.

That's too bad the camera batteries died before your mom could get anymore pictures of Faith. I would have liked to see what she looked like after she was done!

I hope you all do good in the OB trials on Sunday. Wouldn't it be so exciting if your got 1st? He he. But as long as you pass, that's what counts!


Maggie & Mitch said...

What ritzy ladies you all are and you all look just GORGEOUS!!!!! I bet you feel relaxed and smell divine!
Good luck with the OB trials! We'll be thinking of you on Sunday! Let us know how you did on Monday, okay?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lenny said...

Wow, you guys all look great! I think your ribbons are very cute. So if I roll in the mud outside, is that like a spa treatment? I should tell my mom - she doesn't get it. Good luck with your obedience!

Your friend, Lenny

Orable & Charlie said...

Amber Mae, you look fabulous! A spa! Wow, even my mum is jealous! What a great way to spend the day - and to be the first one in. You must be a real star.

licks & slobbers

Abby the Dogzilla said...

Waaa waaa spa treatment! Even ms.owner doesn't go for that. Like Pacco's missy said, if want a mud bath, go roll over in the mud during JT. Sob sob.

Anyway, you guys will do very well in the OB. Remember that everyone is supporting you! WOOF!!!

Lotsa Woofs,

PS: You guys look GORGEOUS!!!

Balboa & Mommy said...

I can't believe you were all tortured, I'm so sorry,

But, if it helps you all look SO CUTE!!!!!!

Frenchie Snorts

Agatha and Archie said...

Wow! Do you guys look great!!!!!!!!! What a place! WE don't have anything like that here!!!! LoveA+A

Dolly & Zoopy said...

Pawsome luxury...wonder if they have a branch here in Singapore?

Wish Mommy wud send us there too!!

Dolly and Zoopy

4xBs said...

Hi Amber, Chloe and Faith, we are wishing you the best thoughts for your trials on sunday.

your spa treatment looked so wonderful. we love the way Chloe laid on the table all wrapped up in the towells. Baxter would do that too. he's very mellow.

lucky you to get the full treatment and you look so beautiful. we can almost sniff you from here!


Snowball said...

Hey! You get Spa Treatment by professionals and I get my Spa treatment only at home!!! Thats not fair...

My silly hooman bought both dead sea mud and deas sea salt and marinated me int it from time to time and I use herbal bath too but I never get wrapped up and steamed like Chloe.

I love Fatith new outfit. If I am there I will get 1 too but you gals are staying so far away...


Joe Stains said...

wowee that is a lot of pampering, you dogs sure are lucky!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Amber
That spa treatment sounds like music for my ears!
You and Chloe look beautiful with your ribbons! I like Faith's coat!
Good vibes for you next sunday. I am sure you all will do great!
Have a good night

Goofy said...

wow.. a SPA!! those are really lots of pampering.. I wonder if mom would give me this pampering too

Katie said...

You guys look great from the spaw. We are soooooo very jealous. You are all beeeuuuuuutiful!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Amber,
You all look so bootiful after your treatments. We bet you are the best acting customers they have. We really like the little ribbons on your ear tops, hehehehe!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

Oh my dog that place looks awesome!!

You both looked so well behaved - I'd hate having to be in the bath for such a long time and I hate that super loud blowing machine too grrrrrr.

You can see how soft you guys look after it all though and HM loves Faith's new coat - it's so cute!!

Best of luck with the ob trials - let us know how you go!


Clive's World said...

Hi! My name is Clive. I found your site through one of my dog friend's links. I think it was the "Solid Gold Dancer" nickname that caught my eye.

YOu guys are so lucky to have all that pampering! You all clean up pretty darn well. I hope you do well in your competition.

That body wrap almost put me to sleep just looking at it!!

Hugs & licks, Clive

Arabella said...

you got so clean- i'm sure that'll help you listen better and go faster

Snoop Dogg said...

I don't know what to say. You are so human-like. I think you'd get along with my cat, Zelda. She's into pampering. Mostly I just lick things and go outside. Maybe if my hair wasn't so short they'd take me to a spa. I'm confused. Must take a nap.


Ling said...

it looks AWESOME!!
good golly! I want the lavender spa too!!!


Pug Diary said...

Wow Lau!
This is Mimi, my dad say that, he will think twice before even get himself a chance of getting that Royal treatment is very slim!!!!

sharkgila said...

Wow. Such pampering! Oooh you guys look so great after.

Chloe looks so cool and calm in her mud wrap hehe. And your hairclips - so cute!


Ben_Benjamin said...

Wah Amber Mae!!! Spa??? My mom said I wont be have one, not until she get her own spa 1st...well I dont mind coz I hate water!!!! I hate bath!! But hey, you gals do look gorgeous after the spa.

I think this a great encouragement for your OB trial.

Simba said...

my Mummy wants to know if she can book herself into your doggie spa. I don't think I'd have stayed in the tub for 15 mins.

Simba xx

parlance said...

Wow, Amber-Mae! that spa seems great! Chloe is amazing that she was so relaxed for the mud treatment. Good luck in the OB trial. I think you will be the most beautiful dog there.

Xsara ... said...

Wow! The spa looks amazing! Too bad there is no such thing where we live ...
I'm sure you'll do great on your OB trials, we'll be thinking of you ;o) Keep us posted, OK?!
Have fun, B&X

TH said...

How cool! You three in one spa! You look gorgeous! I bet you are very perfumed! Your hair seems well soft! I adored your bows in the head, Amber! Good lucky in the Ob trials!

Lots of licks

Charlie dog said...

You look pawsome! Clean silky and beautiful, hope all goes well in the trials.


Charlie Boy

Gus said...

Wow you guys are really spoiled pups. I don't think Louie or I would sit still for that. Mom says we are hyper dogs what ever that means!!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

What a wonderfully royal treatment!!!! And you all look so nice after the session.

The so hugable.

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Forgot to say, good luck at the OB trials!

Clover said...

Hi Amber!
Looks like you girls had so much fun at the spa! I like the picture of Faith waiting for her fate... haha, so cute. You definitely look beautiful with your bows.
Love Clover xo
P.S. I am thinking good thoughts for your trials! I know you will all do well!

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Amber! My sisters would be so excited to have a spa day!! the spa place looks so nice...I bet that salt bath felt sooooo good. Thanks a lot though, now my mom is getting ideas in her head about bathing us at home and doing spa treatments with her bath salts that smell like clove and orange!
The wooden tub looks really so pretty too!
You all look very fluffy and pretty. Faith's new poncho is really cute.


Clive's World said...

I would love it if you added me as one of your friends! Thanks for asking!!

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of you guys!

Hugs & licks, Clive

Amber said...

I am speechless, mommy didn't go to any spa before. She would love to take me one day one of these days (Ugh). Email her the address please. Mom say my fur need work (ugh). You and Chloe look splendid! i'm sure Faith also. You are very pretty with the ribbons. The other dogs wil drool over you. lol.

Spencer said...

Wow Amber, that place is amazing! You look fantastic and all fluffy!

Noah the Airedale said...

We didn't know there were spa treatments for dogs. Wow, you're really lucky to try it out. I don't know if we would be as good as you and your sissies.
Good luck with your OB trials Sunday. We'll keep our paws crossed for you.

Hugs and tail wags,
Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy

ps. we got your lovely card.
pss. I know you thought I was a girl but i'm a handsome strapping boy hee hee.

ilovepearly said...

Spa treatment!
You pup must had a wonderful time.
I can't believe how affordable it is for doggie stuff there..sniff!

Luc & Remy said...

You girls are "HOT!" And you smell good! Good luck on Sunday--you may just win on good looks alone. [wink, wink]

Ralph said...

Wow- you're stunning & beautiful! I don't like the hair dryer either, I try to bite at the air


Cynthia Blue said...

Oh so pretty! I love the bows. :)

Comet and BLU said...

Good luck on the OB trials on Sunday! We know you will do well.

You all looked so pretty after your spa treatment. We are glad you enjoyed it. It looked like it would be torture for us (we hate water)
Comet and BLU

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

PAWSOME SPA! you lucky doggies!!!! we wanna go there but mommy says it's a bit to far, shucks but oh ya'll are so good and we girls really love the cape Faith was wearing!

We love your bloggie and we are happy you trot over to ours too! We're kinda new so we have lots to learn to make ours look as purdy as yours but we're so happy to be friends!

Love Licks & wagging tails! Tx Trio barking loud! Good luck with your upcoming event!

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

hi amber..
wow an spas to dog???
is grate... that place is amazing..
your look is so fluffy.. and the flowers are so cute...

a big hug

Jackson said...

Hey Amber, that spa looked pawsome! Good luck on Sunday, I'll be keeping my paws crossed for you.
Got your lovely Xmas card yesterday! Love the photo! J x

Ferndoggle said...

Wow! I totally need to come to stay with you ladies! I deserve a spa day!!

Good luck on Sunday. I'm crossing my paws for you!


Orion and Cassie said...

You ladies are looking gooooood! Good luck on your trials!

Hey, we tagged you to list 7 annoyances. Check out our blog for details.

Orion and Cassie

Randi said...

Oh Amber! You look so pretty with the pink ribbons in your hair! WOW! I want to go to the doggie spa! I'd love to get the mud treatment that Chloe had!..You'll have to go there again & have some more pampering!

Love & Licks,

Lacy said...

woofies Amber-Mae, Chloe and Faith!!! u girls lookiessss soooooooo bute ti ful after u spa treatment..heehee me not finkies me cood go to sleep takin a baff, me hates baffs...dat cute she founded fur faith iz pawsome!!!

b safe,

Koobuss said...


That was fantastic!!! What a place!! I would love to go there. Heck, my mom would love to go there!! All of you look beautiful!!

Good luck on Sunday!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

shushu, momo & kero said...

wow, spa treatment - we didn't know there is one for the dogs, somemore in malaysia. Our owner said she haven't even try SPA on herself before.

You guys look gorgeous after the treatment. Love those hairclips! Good luck in your Ob trial!

Hammer said...

Wow, you girls are sure spoilt by your mum. On the other hand, we're neglected .. we're overdue for a bath and a groom from our mum. She's always too busy. We might come and live with your mum.
Love from Hammer

PerfectTosca said...

Hi Amber. The woman's laptop blew up and I was biting my foot all week waiting for her to fix it. Anyways, I got real nervous because all these screws were all over the place and she was replacing practically the whole thing. But being a digit head, she pulled it off. But so anyways, nice spa, but let's face it Amber, a bath is a bath! I would have run.

Maya and Kena said...

Hiya Amber and family!!
You guys sure look like you had a relaxing time at the spa! Those ribbons looked so cute!!!! And by just looking at the pictures, we could tell how soft your fur was!!!
We'll cross our paws so you do good today. Oh! And fur our pee-mail, you can just send it to and be sure to adress it to maya and Kena because we share it with another doggie. Thanks! And what's your pee-mail?
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Techie said...

Hiya, wow how come you like water? Techie dog haaaaate baths and getting wet. Izzy likes water tho. She runs in rain and sits in my water bowl aaayayay! Mom says Izzy will get bows in hair. Thank goodness Techie dog a BOY!! Mom already harasses me enough hehe. WOOF!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Dont worry Amber. We are very sure that your guys will pass. You guys are so smart!

The spa looks fun. I think we have one here but we never tried it. Perhaps it is time for mama to book an appointment with them.

Boy n Baby

Kirby said...

WOW! What a day! So much better than the same old bath and grooming. Love the wooden tub. All three of you must of had the best day ever! I hope you did well at the OB trial. I had my paws crossed!

Your pal,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Wah, the SPA looks pawsome and you and Chloe really look so bootiful after the session. Too bad the camera died before Faith pictures are taken

~ Girl girl

Helios said...

Good luck on your test test!

I've never had spa, but does rolling around in mud count as mud spa? Is the lady covering her nose with the white mask becoz u smell bad before the bath?

My M says you look like this Japanese in hot springs with the towel on your head.

Harry said...

Gosh, that was quite the day of pampering you ladies had!

Best of British for your OB trials!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

CoCo said...

Amber and your sisters are super spoiled! You gals are also super patient. I would never be able to deal with all that stuff. I can hardly deal with my mom washing me in the shower. The spa treatment is definitely not for me!