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June 2, 2007

A Day In A Life of Amber - Morning Walks

Do you know what I do every morning, immediately after I wake up from my beauty sleep? Well, this is what I do! I have my usual morning walks or should I put it as my usual poo poo walks... Hehehehe! Anyway, usually my hooman will bring us three for walks but now that my mommy's on two weeks school break, my mommy handles me during walks. The other two monkeys are handled by my other hooman.

I will usually release all my "liquid" first before I proceed...

Well, getting all tangled up happens all the time coz those two are always on retractable leashes. Mommy is not very fond of using those coz it's very annoying & somehow I can pull even stronger & accidents usually happen when using a retractable leash. The accidents are usually caused by us three, heeeeheeee... Ooops! Remember the picture that I showed you all last time when I pulled my hooman off the hill?

Mommy was so mean to take a video of me poo pooing. Look at
my poo poo face... She's SO terrible! No privacy for me... No laughing ha! You ALL do it too!!! And don't worry, mommy picked up my "black gold" after I was done. She's a responsible owner, I taught her to be one.

Then I headed on to my friendly neighborhood Rotties! This is their house...

This is Reka, the fearsome girl, always protecting her property & the one lying down behind the yellow tub is JohnJohn, he's the more friendlier & approachable Rottie...

While I'm waiting for those other two monkeys to finish their business, I'll greet Reka "Good Morning!"

Here's a better shot of what she looks like... Okay, this is like the rarest moments where you'll see her with a pleasant face. Usually she's quite fierce & serious looking.

Like this!

She doesn't like Faith or Chloe at all coz they're scared of her. But for me? We both like to play together coz I show no fear. BUT, I am scared of Newfies coz their GI-GAN-TIC!!! And Chow Chows too coz of their... face & weird fizzy hairdo. What's up with those hairstyle guys???

Okay, here they come now...

Gosh, they walk sooooo slow...

Okay guys, you're done right? What? Faith, you not yet? *Sigh* Come on, let's carry on our walk then...

And then suddenly, this STINKY woman started playing with me! Gggggrrrr....

After that my hooman decided to walk back one round & so we walked in the back alley way... But guess what we found along the way?

A red BALL! And red is my favorite color!

Don't give it to Chloe! I found it 1st! Well, actually my hooman found it 1st so that means I found it 2nd!

And then along the way back home, we met our new friendly neighbor. It's a Dalmatian mix. Isn't she just cute!

Poor fella, tied up the whole day outside in the porch...

After we were all done with our business, our sight seeing & friends meeting, we head back home. Next stop, is our night walk! Hehehehe, cheers every doggies & Girl Girl. Happy Saturday to you all!


Simba said...

You meet a lot of doggies on your walks. I would comment on the video, but I'm speachless. I thought my Mummy was bad.

Simba xx

Boo said...

i'm so agree with the retractable leashes. i have one but hardly use it especially at doggie event. see, bcoz it's retractable sometime i got tangle up with others. :( so now i mostly use the normal leash but i get to use the retractable one during my walkie at park coz i get to run or walk faster than my hooman. they are slow.

wet wet licks


Bond said...

Hi Amber,

Your daily walk sounds so much like an adventure ..... Do you have the same "adventure" everyday?

What happens if it rains?

Jackson said...

Hey Amber, love it! The things us dogs have to put up with! I was very excited to see that red ball. I think I have the very same one! I think it's supposed to be a rugby ball. J x

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Amber,
Did you guys purposely tangle up the leashes? So fun!! hehe....
You sure have really nice doggie friends in the neighhourhood man...

Maggie said...

Is that yellow tub that the Rotties have their water dish? I guess they'll never be thirsty, huh??!!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Naughty mum filming your morning ablutions!

Oscar x

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh I feel for you - having your morning stuff filmed, well that is the limit I would say!

I felt so sorry for your new pal, the dalmation mix, tied up there. Hope she gets some water while she is there. Such a shame, poor wee soul.

love and licks, Marv xxxxxx

e said...

Hi Amber
I loved this post! It's so fun to see the daily life and routine of other doggies in other countries. One thing I envy is your BIG BIG BIG garden! nothing like that here in Japan.


PreciOus said...

Reka looks so pretty. Even in the fierce and serious looking pic. Does she gets to play outside?

The dalmation mix is cute.


Balboa said...

That is so wrong and she seems to be enjoying embarrasing you. I think you should poop in her bed, that's what I would do!

Frenchie Kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Amber. Nice to meet you!
Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I think its a coincidence because yesterday I was reading your blog but I was unable to leave a comment.
Sometimes our moms enjoy embarrassing us, don't you think?
Its so nice to meet our friends while we are walking, right?
Have a nice day

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We are using retractable leash too and it allows us to run very far but we get tangle up too. And sometimes we even go round Mama's leg causing her to almost trip.

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

That looks like an interesting day Amber......I can't believe I saw you go potty, hehhehehehehe!!

I get to use a retractionable leash sometimes too, they are fun!


Texas's Mum said...

Hey Amber,
WOW looks like you and the
other girlies had a great walk
so much to sniff and see.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Amber, Looks like a big adventure, but it's not nice of your hooman to photograph you taking a pee pee. xxx Asta down under

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Amber,
Wow, you do get to meet with so many friends during your walkies! Normally I only meet cats and squirrels at the park! That dalmation cross looks so cute.. I hope they give her water and shade in that porch though...

Herbie said...

I don't get such a long morning walk.. only a 5 minutes toilet break. But I get to go to the park almost every evening for a long time!

wally said...

Whoa--YOu have so many doggie neighbors! We have a lot in our neighborhood, too, but we walk really early in the morning and avoid them which is probably good because we can get rowdy on our leashes.

We have a Rottenweiler neighbor too! But his fence is not see-through so we can only hear and smell him. It drives us a little crazy.


Ferndoggle said...

What a cool neighborhood! All of those fun dogs. We felt bad for the dalmation tied outside too...what a boring existance.

That video was funny. We like how we can see your Mom's shadow while she's filming!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Pacco de Mongrel said...

@ my area there is a rottie too....but he alwiz bark his heart out @ me....n i'm pissed off....

n i usually poo n pee @ home onli....during walkies, my owner dun let me to poo, coz she's lazy to pick up my gold