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February 23, 2007

Foxy We Miss You Already!

She just look so sad...
Yay! Foxy's been adopted by her new chinese owners...Although she was a little devil in the house who loved chewing my hands till blood comes out & nipping at others who came close to her food & barking at neighbours together with the others, we kinda liked her alot! I mean despite that she's a lost mixed breed dog & you know, pariah dogs were never our favourite but she was just a friendly little mutt! Chloe & her were good friends. They both loved to kill each other everyday...I think she also grew a bit. She wasn't that happy being taken away by her new owners but she had to go. We had no choice. Here's the last picture we've taken of her...We miss you dear! Have a good new chapter in your life & please, don't get lost again...Good Bye!


Boo said...

good news indeed. me wishes foxy to have a wonderful life forever.

and also melissa and family for finding a good home for foxy lady.

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Yes indeed! We miss her so much...I miss so many things about her. I miss her nipping my hands, I miss hugging & holding her, I miss sleeping with her, I miss walking her without a leash(she's good, she follows close by...)& I miss her catching after birds when I brought her out. Sigh...

Hope she's happy now...She's the best pariah dog we've ever cared for!