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February 23, 2007

Coca-Cola Girl

This is the only coca-cola drinking dog in the world! Well, at least I think so...Everytime & I mean everytime, whether she's busy playing with her other sistas or just chilling out in the porch or even sleeping, the moment you open a can or a bottle of coke with that sound, 'tsskshhhh!', she'll come running and even jump up from her sleep & run into the kitchen to get a sip of it. And when she's done drinking the whole can, she'll normally burp loudly just like we humans. Kinda gross actually...


Freda said...

Hey Amber,

Freda here. Cooools blog! Sorry I missed your big BDay, so HAPPY BIRTHDAYS kinda lates.

I just wanted to bark that you should tells the Coca-Cola girl that she should stop with the soda drinkin'. Most likely it has lots and lots of high fructose corn syrup in it and that is reeeeallys bad for her and her humans.

I got my humans to stop drinkin' and eatin' anything that has the stupid stuffs in it. They went through their frig and pantry and tossed everything with HFC in it. Of course, they recycled all the containers they could.

So if yo want to keep your human friends healthy, steer them aways from HFCS.

Happy BDay agains!



Natasha said...

Hey Melissa,

Yeah I have to agree with Freda, Coke is really bad for humans and doggies.. well any carbonated drinks really...

My mommy never lets me have any "human" food...because the salt, sugar, colouring and preservative content is usually way too high for us doggies.

So what she does is cook food especially for me with no salt or added sugar!

My mommy cooks me fresh chicken daily, plus liver (as a treat sometimes) and fresh ground minced meat every now and then... yummy.

She's even very particular about snacks that you can buy from the pet store and will actually "taste" it first to make sure that it's okay for me to eat it. Doggy Man dried chicken is one of my favourites at the moment.

She doesn't even like giving me canned dog food cause it's usually made from low grade meat (that are unfit for consumption) with a ton of flavouring and preservatives.

She always chooses stuff that has low salt and sugar content, and the least preservatives or none at all... But then again my mommy is a bit of a health freak, which is also why we go for our 5km daily run/walk so that we both keep in shape! ;o)But of course I won't complain about our walks/runs, cause it's so much fun... ;o)