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January 21, 2007

Double trick or treat?

Here's a video of Amber doing two tricks at the same time. This is no easy one...Why? You'll see it for yourself!


Boo said...

oh amber such a smart doggie! she actually eat that treat herself.

so, you are in training camp huh. wanna ask you this: i got agitated and over excited when i see new thing - either hooman or doggie. like just now, mom's family visited my hooman and the kids were actually afraid of dog. but how the hell i know so i ran after them asking them to play with me. they ran n in tears!!!!!! tears!!!! i made little girl cry! i can't believe myself.

so, mom wants to know is there any way to train a over excite dog to be calm in front of new thing??

i was exposed to dogs n hooman by the age of 3 months +. i play with my cousins - big & small size. i went to doggie carnivals. but still, i jump everytime i see new thing.

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Well...Most dogs just like Amber LOVE to jump on people coz that's the friendly way of saying "Hi! Nice to meet you! Wana be friends!" to others even to dogs.

And also, try telling those kids to not run away coz that makes the dog wana chase them! Boo thinks they want to play catch or sumthing like that. Some aggressive dogs also can sense when people run away coz they're scared of them. So they chase after them lah!

Actually, we've been wanting to teach our dogs this too. Start out by teaching Boo to sit in a corner, in the kitchen, on his bed or matt or sumwhere where he feels safe & warm, far away from guests that arrive to your house. Use this sentence, "Boo, go to your bed/matt, kitchen, etc." When he goes there praise him, give him a lil pat on da head & tell him to "stay" there and leave him alone for few min. Then later, go back to him & tell him that he's a "good boy" & release him by saying "Ok Boo!" He can go anywhere he wants now, but only when the guests have left.

Important thing for you to know, when you ask him to stay in one corner of the house & not disturb your guests, your guests also SHOULD NOT disturb him by going towards him & patting him. Becoz you've asked Boo to stay there & be quiet. He might think that's okay to move about now...

If you want to prevent Boo from jumping which is a very bad habbit thing, push him away everytime he does it on you or to others. Tell others to push him away whenever he jumps on them. Guests are still the alpha dogs too so they should have the rite to say "No!" to him and push him away. Good thing he's not big & heavy, coz Amber is! Not ALL people like it when she does that...

Boo is actually a friendly & excited dog so let him jump on other dogs & play with them. Let it be that way! It's his nature...he doesn't have the ability to talk & say "Hi!" to others & have hands that can shake with them. So, it;s their instinct to do that...

Amber said...

Ur Amber is really smart. My Amber can't catch treats in the air. Tried a few times and gave up XP Whoa, you know a lot about dogs ^^
May I ask how to train my dog to retrive her rubber chicken after she fetches? I tried luring her to give me her toy but she always drop the toy before even reach me.

Luv jamie

Melissa-Jane said...

Hey Amber no.2!

Here's the reply I posted to Amber's other doggie friend, Baby. She also asked me how to make her dog "give" & "fetch" the toys back to her properly.

Copied from my reply to Baby:

"Teaching your dog to 'give' you something, this is already called fetching or retrieving. First find two toys/balls she loves the MOST! I mean like it's her property, if gone she'll die without it! That kind of fav toys/balls...You throw one od her toy/ball and when she picks it up, call her. Don't walk or run towards her to take it from her just squat down and keep calling & calling until she comes. Show her her other toy/ball. Once she comes towards you with the toy in her mouth, grasp it and ask her to 'GIVE or OUT!" firmly. One more tip for you, when asking her to do that, don't do it like you're playing tug-of-war with her. Trying to snatch it from her mouth. Stand up and pull the toy/ball towards your knee and hold it firmly. There's no way for her to pull it off your hands & her nose will be kinda squashed on your knees so eventually she'll let go. Make sure while you're trying to make her let go of the toy/ball, say the command "Give or OUT!". Repeat it one more time and when she lets it go, praise her like hell and immediately throw her other toy for her to fetch. Do 5 more repetitions and then give it a break and start few hours later or the next day.

Let her UNDERSTAND THE GAME! She must understand that when she brings back the toy for you and gives it to you when you ask her to, she knows the next toy/ball will be thrown for her to catch again. Amber can do it now but she's still not good at it. Nowadays, I have no time lah, hehehehe!!!"

Good Luck to you!

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Very nice trick, Amber. I cant do dat coz I cant stop moving n grooving.

Melissa-Jane said...

Hahaha Groovy, right! I think you always have a disco beat in your head that makes you just wana groove & groove & groove all day & night long!

FleasGang said...

wow! very impressive Amber & Melissa! I'm just happy if ours "sit & stay"!