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January 21, 2007

Canine FIFA World Cup 2007

Manchester United player, Chloe scored the 4th goal! Hip Hip Hooray!!!
From the CNN NEWS ASIA Update:

"Hi, this is CNN News Asia. I'm Mariah Scary & I'm here to give you an update on the 'Canine FIFA World Cup 2007' that took place this morning at Pets' Wonderland Stadium."
A big smashing goal by Chelsea!
"This morning, the great Manchester United had a match with Chelsea. They both had a short twenty minute match but unfortunately during the game, a Manchester United player, Faith headbutted one of the Chelsea player & recieved a red card from the referee & was asked to leave. The Chelsea player was fine but just had a little bit of saliva & bruise on its head."

Manchester United players, Amber & Chloe are doing guarding stance
Amber said: "Bring it on baby!"
"Furthermore, there was alot of commotion coming from the crowd & some got very furious when the Manchester United player, Faith was asked to forfeit the game. Some of them were so angry until they actually jumped off the two storey high wall. But the good news is that no one died, thank god for that! But despite all that, the game still went on."

We are the Champions, my friends!
"Now, here we have the scores. Manchester United scored 4-1 & Chelsea scored 2-0. And therefore, Manchester United is the new FIFA World Cup Champion 2007! It was a spectacular match by both of them & congratulations to Manchester United! Till next time, good bye!" (music plays...)

No other men nor K9s can ever defeat us ever!
Manchester United we stand!


Boo said...

hey melissa,

great report but only 20 minutes? btw, man u is playing arsenal tonight. :-) dad is supporting man u so i HAVE to support man u too.

btw, where you get that football? mine quality is not as good as yours. yours is shiny and the material looks like the real footie while mine is... let's just say it cost only rm1.50!

also, SIMBA is a boy. simba is the name for the lion in the lion king movie. you must take photo of simba. i would love to tease simba about that dog!

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Hahahaha...My mom bought these cheap toys at MegaMall. Eh, you know rite Pet's Wonderland is renovating so the things there are being sold half price. Well actually I don't think they're reno, I think they're closing down coz I notice things there are quite expensive & there's not much business going on there too. The football toy cost around less than RM20 lah. Oh and by the way, remember you gave me a present, the calendar? Well, my mum have bought you a present. Will send it to you soon by mail...

Amber said...

lol ! that's cute! Amber also want to join XD I heard MU lost yesterday game against Arsenal. My bro is Arsenal fan ^^,
I think Pet's wonderland is closing down too, MV and soon OneU lol*, they expired food also want to sell XD , I got see the dogs collar but all normal prices.

Melissa-Jane said...

hehe, actually to be honest with you guys, I HATE FOOTBALL! I just did this funny report for fun since my mom bought them a new football goal thingy. So now, I don't know anything about this thing yesterday, about Arsenal & etc, etc, etc. Hehehehe...

Amber said...

I don't like football too, only my bro is the one crazy about football, When Arsenal scores,the whole house can hear him XD . Melissa about the fetch and retrieve, I followed what you said and Amber really brought the toys to me. I also reward her with treats.Thanks for the advice it was really helpful. When have dog prob can cari u for advice XD

Melissa-Jane said...

Oh that's wonderful to hear!!! It's great to hear that what tips & advice I give to people to teach their dogs actually does work. At least they're right advice, LOL!