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November 1, 2006

Amber's Daily Game

In case you guys haven't known, this is what Amber plays with us during our free time everyday. We call this game 'Umbrella Hockey'. Why? Becoz we use an umbrella to hit the ball! We actually invented this game ever since I first saw Amber crouching backwards, starring & not taking her eyes off her ball on the floor beside my foot. Probably thinking that I would kick it towards her...Look at the total concentration in her eyes on the ball. Oooo...Many people at out training place find this funny & amusing. So do I!


Anonymous said...

Hey that looks like fun!

Bussie Kissies

Melissa-Jane said...

Hahaha, it sure is...

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Amber,

Welcome to - glad to have you aboard, and I am sure that you will make lots of friends here :-)


Anonymous said...

hey amber,

another msia dog blog! yipee!

let me introduce myself - my name is boo and i'm a shih tzu mixed with pekingese.

welcome to DWB!

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Hahaha, hi Boo the wet wet licking dog! Been to your blog a few times & it's very nice. You have very cute vids there too...Oh, didn't know you were a shih tzu mixed pengkinese. You look like a pure pengkinese! Well, thank you Boo! How did you manage to find my blog boo boo?

Anonymous said...

hi amber,

i found your blog at dogs with blogs! we are bunch of fun dog bloggers there who like leaving our pee-mail... i mean scent everywhere we go! :-P

are you interested to join in the Dogs with blogs x'mas card exchange with other doggie pals over the world? check out detail here:

pacco and me are in the list too.

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Oh I see...I found yours at Pacco's Blog. Yeah, sure, ofcourse, I'd love too Boo! I'll check on it in a while...