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September 14, 2009

Our New Upcoming Champion, River!

AmbersLegacy Orion Star aka River is going to be our new upcoming Champion for Conformation, Obedience, Canine Freestyle & probably Agility too. He's a very beautiful puppy who is only 5 months plus & has already learned how to stack on command, do all basic OB commands & as well as a handful of tricks. He's really following his mother's footsteps. Below is a video of River. I hope you enjoy it!


Owner of Storm and Jackal said...

Wow!! Good job River!!! He's doing so great. You must be so proud of him.

Stanislaw said...

Five months ALREADY?! WOW!!

It is so wonderful to see River merrily performing and wanting to make his human momma proud! You must have a great relationship!!

Nala & Robin said...

Aww, River's growing up so fast.. He's sooo good for being only five months! Definitely following his incredible mommy's footsteps..

Elizabeth said...

Amazing, Wow!!!! You are so beautiful doing your tricks, love it!!

Elizabeth & Luna

River said...

Of course he's beautiful and smart with a name like River!!

love & wags,

Maggie and Mitch said...

River is one smart boy and a very handsome one too! Great job, River!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Amber!
River is sooo good! Just like you!
Thanks for sharing the video! I loved it!
Kisses and hugs

Ebi n' Emma said...

awwwwwwwww~ so cuteeeeeeee! =))

great job, River! definately a highly trainable & smart little puppy whom can accomplish this much @ a mere 5 months old!

we can see he''s doing really well in obedience! we are so sure he can excel, the future champion dog!

("v") those 'troting' & 'grab my hand' tricks! so sweet!

(Ebi & Emma)

Terra said...

He's doing very nicely! Love the prancing heelwork! Very nice!

Janz said...

The video is awesome.... thks so much for sharing..... u r right.... River is following Amber's footstep.... looking forward to more videos....

Take care... Lotsa luv, huggies and kisses to all ur furkids....

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh, wow - River is just AMAAAAAAAAZING!!! I can't believe he is doing that at only 5 months!! Especially the out-of-sight downstay...that is a hard one for puppies!

My favourite is the Trotting trick - he does that so beautifully. I'm still trying to teach Honey that properly - the problem with her is I need to be running pretty fast to get her to trot and I don't have the space at home! :-)


Che-Cheh said...

Wow impressive!!! Well done River :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Awesome! River is so smart and doing so well! What a beautiful puppy! I love the trot the best! You are doing a great job of training him!

Domi said...

Very impressive, especially for being so young. Go River! Amber, you must be a very proud mama.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my!

What a khutie!

So talented already!

As fur the 15 sekhond they have .15 sekhond thingie? I MIGHT be able to do THAT one!


Deefor said...

Wow Amber! River really takes after his brilliant mom. And he's sooo cute.

Sami & Baylee said...

OMG River you are so SMART & such a cutie! xoxox Sami

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

Great great great River!!!!
Congrats dear boy!!!
You look sooooooooooooo beautiful!!!
And Amber...sure if River is soooooooo good is your merit!!!!!
Thanks for sharing the video!!!!!!!
We loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!
And you and your furry babies!!!!
Tons of love and kisses!!!!

Clive said...

Fantastic work River!

Eric said...

Boy oh boy you are smart River. You must make your Mom proud! Wiry wags Eric xx

Moco said...

River is smater that all three of us put together.

parlance said...

River is not only clever, but he's also handsome! I love to see his tail wagging so happily.

How did you teach him to trot? It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Oh River,
You are such a clever boy..
Maybe I should learn from you some day ... *wink*


Huskee and Hershey said...

WELL DONE River!! Amazing...

Sam said...

Way to go! Congratulations!


Lacy said...

w00fs, w0w, thats a very smart pup, must take after his mama..

b safe,

Mr Lonely said...

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Homer said...

We enjoyed the video and I'm ashamed...


Agatha and Archie said...

HaHa we thought stacking meant putting the dishes away..Uh listen River, can we have a little heart to heart here buddy?? Ahh listen you are putting us to shame a little you know what I mean? COuld you tone it down a little?? Thanks Love A+A

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow, River is growing up so fast! He's doing wonderful with the trainings! Keep up the great job, River! You're getting to be exactly like your wonderful Mom...*grins*


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

River! River! River!
We're so proud of you, you make your Mom very happy!
We rolled on floor laughing at the super hilarious goofy clowns in the previous post!
By the way I'm back to blogging!
Oops, you have not noticed that I have been missing in action lately, have you?
I'm so excited to visit all of my friends again.
Love y'all!