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October 11, 2008

Back To Basics @ Adeline's Rest House

On the 1st of October, we went to a place called Adeline's Rest House. That place is rocking kool I tell ya! Ya know, cold water, out houses, sleep on the bamboo floor, lots of bugs, leeches, snakes & all that's not so jazzy? It's actually quite deep in a secondary jungle. Adeline, the owner of Adeline's Rest House allows doggies to stay there. We went along with our friends & stayed there overnight. Here, let me show you some pictures & why I say that place is the sooperest dooperest! You dogs WILL want to go there. Trust me...

Here we are Adeline's!

We stayed at that long cottage also known as long house. We were put far away from the other people so we had lots of privacy. And lookie lookie what we've got!

A big pond just outside our cottage! Now, you water lover dogs, this is something you will not be able to resist. The moment we reached to our cottage, the first thing we did was jump in. Whee!

Well actually the water was pretty muddy & dirty with full of fishes swimming in it but who gives a POOP!

This place is full of lushy green land! It's like a mega huge toilet for us. We can shapeepee anywhere at anytime. Hee!

Our feeties could touch the bottom of the pond so me & Chloe played bitey face in it. As usual I always win the game but Chloe was smart this time. She tried to drown me by holding my head under the water & not letting go after that. Crazee woman!

So I got her back nicely!

Chloe pooping in the distance. How rude of Mommy to take a picture of her while she's doing her business.

Faith surveying her precious land...

There are a few activities that you can do at Adeline's place. There's what you call paintball shooting which I think is some mindless game that the hoomans play. Why not use real bullets? Makes more sense right? BOL!!! Then there's also jungle trekking which we went immediately after we arrived. There's some water sports which the hoomans can play at the river & night safari which we missed out. Would have been fun...

The jungle trekking was lotsa fun for us (our hoomans almost dieded-hopeless!) We doggies were the ones who were doing most of the work of pulling our hoomans up the steep hill. It was kinda treturous but fun. Oh & Chloe donated some more blood to the leeches. Haha! Faith & I did not get any but our hoomans did. Their blood must be tasty...

It was an hour up the hill & an hour down the hill. You can see how much I enjoyed it.

My Hooman M did not bring along enuf water for the trek so we were dying of thirst for more than one hour! Later, as we were going down, there was a stream of fresh spring water! It was deeleecious & refreshing. We just jumped in straight, wet our whole body & drank gallons of it!

This feels sooo freakin' good!

Now, let's play ball!

Okay, satisfied! Now, let's get the heck out of here.

After we got out from the jungle, we found a river. You can see how impatient I was. Very impatient! I was thinking of leaping from where I was to get into the water. Hee!

Yay! Finally reached!

Throw the ball woman!

In the middle of playing, my ball drifted away & I thought I saw it over there where I circled in the picture. So while all the hoomans were having fun & chit chatting away, I decided to be a brave nut to go check it that area out. To my Mommy's horror, I got sucked in the strong undercurrent & struggled to get back up but couldn't. My hoomans were screaming for me to get out & they were not fast enuf to come to my rescue as the grounds were very rocky & the water prevented them from coming fast. Luckily the jungle trekking guide quickly rushed & pulled me out. Woah man. I think I almost killed myself. But you know what? If I could do it again, I think I will.

Adeline prepares meals about 4 times a day whch includes, breakfast, lunch, dinner & supper. Here's us during din din time. It was BBQ night! Adeline cooks her own food & her food is fantabulously deeleecious! No restaurant can beat her home-cook taste. She harvests her own fishes from the river, grows her own petai (Malaysian beans aka smelly beans aka stinkified green lumps) & durians (another stinky Malaysian fruit) & she makes her own jungle recipies.

Check out the food! Do I see chicken wings there?

The three stooges begging...

Chloe got lots of attention as usual. Almost everybody who saw us were able to name our breeds correctly. The 1st words to come out of their mouths were, "Oh, Golden Retriever! Oh Dalmatian!" which was pretty amazing coz people usually get it wrong. I get Labrador alot or Rabador... Except the last couple who saw us on the last day we were there, the lady pointed to Chloe & said, "Look! A Persian!" That cracked me up!

This is the dining area. Oh yah, then there's this lady who was staying there who I think is a normal visitor who said who doesn't like dogs. She told her friends which my Hooman M overheard that my sista Faith bit her in the leg. That is so bonkers!!! None of us will ever bite anybody infact most of the time she's cautious of people & will not approach strangers until she's very, very, very, very sure but that usually takes say about 5 days? That lady was the only one so far who didn't like any of us.Whatever!

Then it was back to the cottage. Time to sneep! At night is freezing cold like the air-conditioner & that's the way I like it!

The next morning, we had Malaysian breakfast which was called Nasi Lemak (Oily rice aka Coconut Milk Rice). We just hung around some campus students.

While my Mommy was tucking into her breakfast, I snuck out behind her to check out that very tempting, inviting, absolutely irresistible stream flowing beside the dining area. Someone in the restaurant shouted out, "Hey! What is that do doing there?" That guy doesn't know that I AM Amber the Water Bamber. Whatever that means!

Here I am looking up at my Mommy from the stream. I checked out the entire length up & down much to the amusement of spectators above me. Whee!

Oh look! More water! This is called a Water Heaven but the hoomans call it a S.P.A. Huh?

Wohoho... Freezing! Very good for my loose skin. My Mommy says it's great for a face lift.

Later Chloe joined in. Me, Amber the Water Bamber & Chloe the Water Boey! Hey, it matches! We didn't enjoy it much tho as the water was blasting out from every corner & poking us all over the place. Kinda annoying so we didn't stay in there very long.

After we had our lunch, we bathed, packed up & were ready to leave but before we did, we had a group picture together - my friends Nancy & Ruby. The hoomans, well I'm not sure of their names. Hehe! We sure are gonna miss this pawsome place! But we'll be back soon. Mark my words, we'll be back.


the 4 Bs said...

hi Amber, that looks like a wonderful place for doggies. we aren't so sure about those leeches though, that sounds kind of creepy. we like all of the water - we are water doggies too. we could tell you were having a wonderful time there.


Daisy said...

Amber, you girls always have so much fun! That looks like another excellent adventure.

Hero said...

That places looks like a dog paradise! If I was there I think I would have spent all my time swimming in all those lakes and streams. The three of you are so lucky to go on such a great adventure!

the Corgi Girls said...

Woah, what a great place that looks like... and all that swimming you could do right out your doorstep! Pawesome!

M & I

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a fun adventure! That spa must have felt pretty wonderful by the look on your face, Amber!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

You take more vacations than my parents!

THat place looks like so much fun!

Homer said...

Hi Amber,

My Missus has been craving for Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik. I swear I saw her drooling when she was surfing the internet, looking at those yummy food!


Joe Stains said...

Well, if I liked water I bet I would totally love that place! It does look a nice way to relax, that is for sure. I am glad you had fun.

Sami & Baylee said...

Amber-Mae please be careful around the water, did you get your ball? I am so so so glad you are okay!

Your resort stay look like so much fun. I have never been to a resort with so manyplaces to swim, that place is COOL..I wanna go. Did you get any chicken wings?

xoxoxo Love Sami
Oh, the kitty just loves me and was playing chase Sami's tail, I let her cuz I wanna make friends with her!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Amber!
Adeline's place sure is great! You all had lots of activities! Specially you trying to save your ball! Glad you are ok!
You look so relaxed in that picture in the SPA!
Kisses and hugs

Niamh said...

My goodness! What an adventure you had! I'm glad the guide saved you in the river. That jungle trek looked like terrific fun. I wish I had been there with you to swim in the streams and play with you, Chloe and Faith.

Your friend,

The Three Musketeers said...

It looks like some one is having lots of fun ! BOL .
Have a pawrific weekend !!


Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

hi amber..
this place is so funny but we thing.. don´t have snake????
we don´t like snake

send a big hug

Moco said...

What a wonderful vacation spot. We are so glad you did not get carried away down stream. What in the Sam Hill is wrong with that hooman who thought Faith bit her? It was probably some gi-huge insect. Hoomans can be weirder than weird.

Amber said...

Hi Amber mae! Whoa, I love all the places your hoomans brought you. i can't wait to go to ruby resort that you went last time! I would want to go to the beach. Another great place xD what a nice greeny cozy place. i would like to have a dip in the spa too

big licks!

Lacy said...

w00f's Amber, Faith and Chloe, hmmm me thinks u lost mama when u said snakes and leeches...but dat wuz a fun vacation and lookes like a pawsome place to b, and the foodies lookied yummmies too...

b safe,

Charlie Daniels said...

That place looks like soooo much fun!



The PR Gang said...

That looks like an AWESOME place! How much more fun could a dog ask for?! Looks fun for the humans too. You live in such a cool place.

Deefor said...

Hi Amber
That looks like the best place ever. Running around. Going in the water whenever you want. Mud. Paradise for doggies.


Boo said...

that look so much fun. i wanted to ask you where is it but i saw the website at your last pic. lol

mom and pfdaddy been complaining there's no place they can take us doggie along. ha! i found one now and see if they will take us.

wet wet licks


Goofy said...

wow.. that gonna be fun.. gopeng is near us!!! yeah!!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Amber, looks like an advernture just getting around the whole place!! I'm glad you guys had fun in the wild! I particularly like that shot of Chloe pooping in the wild. hehee

Huskee and Hershey said...

AHhhhhhhhhhhh... You gave us a fright Amber!! So glad you are fine.. please don't pull that stunt again ok girl??
Chloe?? A 'persian'?? What am I?? A Ragdoll??


Wow Amber that looks like paradise! Sounds like you guys had a great getaway! You always go on the coolest holidays.

Girasol said...

All of you always having fun at places with a lot of water, nice!

Mango said...

Amber-Mae, I don't know what to make of your great adventure. That jungle would totally freak my mom out with all the leaches and buggies.

I was soooo scared about the part where you got caught in the water. What a relief that you got out OK. The spa would certainly be nice to enjoy.


Rudy said...

Ohhh wow that looks like so much fun! Doggie heaven! I'm not sure Mom would like the leech part of it but you all looked happy. I hope you get to go back there someday!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a pawsome place. I bet you doggies had lots of fun there and yummy chicken wings. yum

~ Girl girl

Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Great place to get down n dirty! Will check it out.

Thanks for the DVD of Stop, neat cover.

Simba said...

Stopping by to say hello to all my DWB friends after the weekend. Hope you are all well.

Simba x

Raising Addie said...

Boy, you guys had a great vacation!

All the swimming and walkies... looks like you had a wonderful time.

Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful pictures!


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

That looks like such a cool vacation place. Kind of like camping (bugs and leeches and snakes and sleep on the floor) and kind of NOT like camping ... although the water spa made H-Mom laugh! All the hoses hooked up were pretty funny. Why didn't your humans jump in too?

CoCo said...

You guys have waaayyy toooo much fun! You guys are sooo lucky to have humans that like to take you to fun places like that! And oh my...look at all that yummy food!


BWTH Dog House said...

Yeah, we are going, we are going!!! are we, mommy????

slurpy licks,

Pacco de Mongrel said...

wat a fun place to be..

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hi Amber!

Wow, you have had such a great time! Wish I could go too...that sounds like a great adventure! Awesome place, awesome food, meet new!

BTW, I think your Mom has a great voice on the song 'Stop'! Mom wants to get a copy, but she doesn't have a credit card to purchase it it possible to do it any other way? Please let her know. Thanks!


Cocoa the Beagle said...

That looks like a wonderful place! We are so envious! Oh Amber, pls be more careful next time eh? It's too dangerous to retrieve that ball in running waters! We had a bad scare!

Cocoa and Barley

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Amber that looks like a great time!! just found your blog - do you mind if I link mine to yours?

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh my...good heavens Amber...ya almost drowned, Girl! Those undercurrent things are nasty!...We are soooo glad the jungle leader was able to rescue you! Your mom musta had to go and lie down and fan herself!

Mumsie wants to know if you saw big snakies or spiders in the jungle? We've never seen a jungle...Hmm...that pond looked pawsome!

You comin' to the Halloween Pawty? Book ur flight, kay??

Love and kissies...lacie

Rinalia said...

Hi Amber,

Celeste here - wow!!!! That looks like loads of fun and fun and more fun! I don't like water so much but I love running around like a crazy puppy.

Me and my big, best sister thank you for the welcome!


Saint Lover said...

Wow what a gorgeous place! Absolute nirvana! I love the pictures too.. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to stay someplace so awesome.

Dino and Family said...

Woohoo! Another great Amber Adventure! Your mommy bring you to some of the most fabulous places! Thanks for sharing!
Love, Dino

A&S said...

wow! great pictures! i love to go for walks in the woods and chase after animals, but i don't like bugs very much...

Asta said...

AmberFaith and Chloe
I think you have the bestest lives of anydogI know..that is a pawsome place..the watew looks gweat and I love youw hut, and the food too..WOW..supew
smoochie kisses
Pee ess I would bite that stoopid hooman fow saying she doesn't like you

Anonymous said...

wonderful trip, your gals! (Oh are you also all gals?) We gals really envy you! And it looks soooooo much fun in the jungle! But, Amber, be careful, especially when you are off-leash! Anyway, ending is good, then all is good!

Angel and Snow White

Molly and Taffy said...

Amber that would be our sort of holiday too....loads of water to swim and play in. Just be careful next time of the water that tries to take you away. Must have been scarey but so pleased you are OK.

Molly and Taffy

The Three Musketeers said...

Yeap , I am gonna be a big boy now , after i shed all my baby fur & lose my baby tooth ! As I am almost toothless now ! BOL ! Thats so humiliating ! Oh ya , our fur will be equally GORGEOUS ! WOOO !

Lots of Loves ,
3 Musketeers


wow looks like a fun place for doggies and poeple too!

Fred said...

You always have the greatest adventures! Glad you made it home safely!

Muttallica said...

Dear Amber, we love the pictures from your adventure. thanks for stoping by our blog. We'd love to be friends with you. You and I, the Roscoe doggie have at least two things in common: heavy coats and tropical climate. My people keep my hair very short, so I don't get too hot. DO you like to roll in mud during the rainy season. That is one of my favorite tings in the whole world.
Roscoe, the godlen doodle

Hana said...

Wow, looks like you had tons of fun at Adeline's Rest House! That was scary reading about how you got sweep in the undercurrent.... glad you are okay! I think I would enjoyed the rest house, but my Mom needs a nice clean environment... so I guess that wouldn't work for us.

You asked about the ribbon necklaces. Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. There is LOTS going on here lately so it has been busy. You can see a close up photo of the necklace my Mom made, the one I was wearing in the photo. Click here and scroll down to "Polka Dot Power". My Mom will check on shipping costs and let you know.

Thor said...

Hi Amber, Chloe and Faith!
What a wonderful place! Looks like you had lots of fun there!

Love and licks

parlance said...

That must have been a super-dooper holiday! I am jealous.
I would have been terrified if I were your mom when you were pulled down the river - thank goodness the guide saved you.

Deetz said...

Hi Amber Mae
I just love watching you play in the water and eat lots of great food. Those were great photos, each and everyone of them. I so much enjoyed looking at them

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

mom thinks she has the puter problems under control-we hope-
What a great place!! It looks heavenly for you and the humans!! We are jelly!

Momoko said...

Hi!Amber.I look happy while all are natural!Have nice weekend.

Petey said...

What a great vacation! But Amber, I'm sending you my life jacket. It may be a tight fit, but it has a handle on the back so your rescuers can grab you before you get into any more trouble!

Your pal,


Charlie said...

We're going to have to start calling you "Jungle Dog"!
- Charlie

Xsara ... said...

what a lovely place!

George the Pup said...

Oh Amber, you guys always have the best adventures! That looks like a great day.

Niqqi said...

Wow! You guys really know how to fun! What a nice vacation! Make sure you rest up for the next one!

Always fluffy,


Comet and BLU said...

It looks like you girls had a great time playing in the water. You are so lucky to get to go on holidays with your people. We are glad the ranger lady saved you from drowning. That must have been scary - especially for your mom.
Comet and BLU

The Three Musketeers said...

Sorry that you guys are so CLOSE ! BUT , mummy promised to give you something on Christmas (:

Lots of Loves ,
Three Musketeers

The Cole Crew said...

I bet you will be back soon. That place looks like heaven on earth, you looked so happy there!

BrandytheGreat said...

We're back, and JEALOUSS!

BrandytheGreat said...

We're back, and JEALOUSS!

Helios said...

That looks like so much fun! But I think my M will freak out if I jump into yuckky ponds.


Wow Amber!!

What an exciting place and so much to do. I never get to go anywhere exciting. You and your sisters always have such great trips.

Is Faith scared of the water? I didn't see her in any of the pictures.


duo_disaster said...


Looks like all of you had GREAT fun! We're so happy for you guys! How I wish where we are staying have such a fabulous place ~

Rudolf & Goofy

P/S: We're finally (and we meant it this time) back actively blogging... *ROFL*

Check us out soon!

The Three Musketeers said...

BOL ! I am blushing right now ! Shy * hehe :D

Lots of Loves ,
Three Musketeers

Kess And Her Mama said...

What a super duper holiday! Sorry I haven't been by lately. It's the human's fault. Love the pumpkins. Getting into the halloween mood, eh?

sami said...

Hi and happy late birthday, yap!...I am new to blogging but would love to be friends....woof