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July 15, 2008

Prancing In Penang

Man, all I can say is we had a fantaboolous time in Penang! Oh yeah, we did. Actually, we were supposed to go to Penang for the doggy trials but whoops! I came on ...yes... (wrong timing) and so I did not join any of them but my sistas did & they qualified for the OB trials. I on the other hand was still allowed to do my dance demo when all the trials were over. I did the Grease routine again & then I took a short break while my sista Chloe performed her bag of tricks. I then joined in with her & we did a duo performance together & then I performed more cool tricks by myself & closed the show. Everybody enjoyed it & I was one happy doggy!

Anyway, I'm gonna start this post from the 1st day we arrived in Penang. We stayed there for 4 days & just came back late last evening. 6 hours drive back home... Ugh! So this is gonna be like a long story post like the previous one about the Cherating trip. Enjoy the pictures & our adventure in Penang!

Here we are posing with our other doggy friends in front of our accommodation which is, Aurora Court.

While our friends head to the beach, we posed for more pictures. Awww, we're so cute! Can you see what's behind us?

Yesssss!!! Fountain /slash/ waterfall...

Ugh, can't reach it!

It was fun!

Just right in front of Aurora Court, is a bootiful Buddhist Temple. There the monks own many dogs that were let loose all the time so we can't really step in their territory as they weren't how do I put it? Very nice to us?

Now, let me be your guide dog & show you the inside of our Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite. This is the living room. Quite spacious I must say but a little bit bare...

This is the master bedroom. Mommy quickly grabbed this room. Chloe & I sleep with her in here during night time...

This is the other bedroom with two single beds where Ms Owner (Hooman M) & Faith slept together in. Ms Owner joined the two beds together & made it as one. Smart woman. By the way, aren't we just cute posers...?

On our 1st night, our Ms Owner ordered some real Thai food from a restaurant which was just few steps away from where we were staying. The food were cooked by real Thai people too & can you guess how much all together it cost? Just RM60+ (US$17+) So cheap huh?

Woah, look at all that food! Are you sure you can finish that all or do you need some help???

Licking lips...

After all that hard work of staring & begging, I finally got my own plate of rice, deep fried kangkong (local vegetables) & fried chickedees!

The other two girls got some too. Faith loved the crunchy bones...

The next morning, we woke up early to eat our breakfast & then go down to relieve ourselves. After our owners took their baths & got ready, do you know what they did to me? They locked me in Mommy's room & then left with the other two girls!!! I was worried, started whining & was angry that they DARED to leave ME, the Alpha Bitch of the household, the Dancing Queen behind & go off to the doggy trials with the other two, without ME. Do you know what time they finally came back after the trials were over? They left at 8a.m. & only came back around 3p.m. Seven hours later! Oh, I was ticked off but then, I was soooo happy to see them again. I wagged my tail vigorously, jumped on my owners & greeted my two sistas. I forgave them both after that... We can never be angry with our owners for too long can we? Heehee!

Here's Faith during Pre-Novice down-stay exercise.

Here's a closer shot of Faith. Ooops! Looks like someone broke the down-stay... Faith did not budge at all.

Chloe's turn... She enjoyed the down-stay exercise alot as lying down is her favorite position. Mommy had so much confidence that she'll stay down that she didn't really bothered to say the "stay" command clearly to her. Chloe never breaks during this exercise.

After they all came home & rested for a while, our Owners decided to bring us somewhere really fun. Can you guess where we were heading to in this picture? Come on guess.


Here we come!

We reached there around 7p.m. so the sun was already beginning to set. But we still had fun!

The sea was pretty calm so we could go deep.

Chloe said the water tasted disgusting. She drank a few gallons of it & also vomited out some...

There were many people at the beach & I mean LOTS. There were many Arabs particularly & they were very nice to us. The Arab kids patted, hugged & played with us.

We met three not-so-stray dogs taking care of the beach. They belonged to somebody coz they had their collars & licenses on. There was mama dog, papa dog & baby pup who I think is named Miko or Neko. The people at the beach know them very well.

Here's Faith, happily running along the beach & playing with her imaginary friend.

We were still enjoying ourselves in the dark.

Chloe aka The Frog Hunter has become the Crab Hunter too. She found two glowing baby crabs running away & she tried to chase them but did not manage to catch them. The crabs glowed like fireflies. Kewl!

When we went back to our apartment room, we were washed down, dried up & fed. I wasn't all that tired yet & decided to play ball with Mommy.

She would bounce the balls on the wall & I would have to catch them. I manage to fall a sleep finally after playing...

The next day, it was a relax day for us. We didn't have to go to the event place till 4p.m. coz before that time, the Agility trial & Flyball tournament was going on. Our demo only started after all was over. We stayed outside of the hall where it was cooler. Our Owners made sure that I stayed far away from the males so that I didn't make them go, coo-coo...

The Fancy Dress game went on first. Both Mommy & Ms Owner were chosen to be judges for that game. Many of the doggies' costumes were creative & few of them could perform neat tricks. Our friend Scruffy da' Mafia won 1st place. He looked very pleased with himself...

Next it was our demo. Our friend Groovy performed his routine 1st before me. Ms Owner took a video of my dance but I didn't so so well this time but the audience still enjoyed it. No video of the Tricks performance though. I know, what a pity...

We finally collected Chloe's & Faith's medals & certs. I'm just posing with one of Faith's medal for her. Our Owners even received certificates of appreciation & two big boxes of goodies. Both Chloe & Faith qualified for the OB trials.

Just for fun. Okay, all the attention on me now. Don't I look gorgeous? Please say yes...

The 4th & last day in Penang, we went to the beach again this time early in the morning. Oh, it was sooo fun & there were hardly anybody there except some boats, banana looking stuffies floating about, people flying in the air with big colorful umbrellas (I have no idea why) & a brown pony giving people some piggyback rides. We kinda went after the poor horsie but we didn't mean any harm. Ms Owner managed to stop us from barking at it... The fella didn't seem all that intimidated by us. Thank dog it didn't kick us!

Here we come again!

It was a nice cool day & it was about to rain.

Chloe saw this boat & started barking at it. I think it freaked her out...

Here comes the "Three Beach Babes"...

Why does Faith always have that worried look on her face? Funny girl.

Faith always tags along like it's her duty. BOL!

Played fetch,

More fetching...

Faith decided to stay out of the water for a while & play with her yet another new imaginary friend. I wonder where she finds them?

Chloe looking all cute & wet. Hey, where's a cute picture of me???

Here's me doing my usual ball burying... There was one time I buried it deep under the sand until I could not find it anymore but Ms Owner managed to find & rescue it. I was so happy to see my ball again!

Remember the boat Chloe was barking at in one of the pictures? Well, Ms Owner decided to ask the man in charged of it whether we doggies are allowed on it. Guess what? He said YES!!! So we went on happily & enjoyed our 10 mins fun ride.

Here's the dude starting up the engine.

And off we go!

Faith posing like a show dog & enjoying the cool breeze rushing towards her face.

Ahhh... Titanic... My Heart Will Go On if you do not sink...

Chloe looked like she was having sea sick. She did not enjoy it as much as me & Faith did. She was really happy to get off it as soon as we finished...

She just laid down like that the whole time looking sooo sad.

Just chilling with our Owners...

Just a short video of us on the boat. We definitely recommend all doggies out there to try it out. It's pawsome! But there are risks ofcourse so don't be too smart to jump off the boat while it's moving OK?

After our beach fun & all, we were sent to the Doggie Pawlor which was just 5 mins away from the beach itself. Can you guess what we were there for?

Chloe & I were left there to take bath! I couldn't believe I was being left alone again but this time I had Chloe by my side so I didn't feel sooo lonely but still...

I was thirsty like hell after the swim so I drank alot of water.

When they started to drive off, I just stared looking all worried & confused. I thought they were abandoning us. Why didn't they leave Faith here too? I didn't understand why. Something about Faith being easier to bathe or something like that...

When we were picked up after 3 hours later, we were all fluffy & smelled like baby powder. Ugh! I prefer smelling like a dog anytime. But look at what Ms Owner bought for us at the Doggie Pawlor. Crunchy cow ribs!

The rest of our friends left before 12 in the afternoon but we extended our stay for 6 hours more so we only left around 6.30p.m. It was time to say goodbye to Aurora Court & Penang. But then again, we were so excited to go back home & go back to our normal everyday life routine. We'll be back soon Penang. Just wait & see!


Saint Lover said...

Holy Cow what an incredible trip you had! I love all the pictures and videos! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Maggie & Mitch said...

You always have the best fun! The beach looks awesome! Congratulations on the medals and certificates! You girlz rule!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

We agree with Maggie and Mitch you guys DO RULE!! Congrats on all your medals and wins!! It looks like you had a PAWESOME time!!! Love and kisses A+A

Sparky said...


Man, you had a BLAST once again! The beds look super comfy, the food looks super good, and the best part of all... The BEACH!

Congratulations on the wins, you girls rock!


Lacy said...

w00f's Amber-Mae, Chloe and Faith...congrats on ur, did u all haff fun at the beach...shuch pawsome picturs, me esp loved the one with all 3 of u in front of the waterfall...another pawtastic trip fur u 3...

b safe,

Abby said...

Hi, Amber-Mae...

That looks like a fun trip...

I've never been on a boat...It looked like great fun...

Abby xxxooo

Kirby said...

What a great trip you all had! The beach looks so nice and you got a boat ride, my favorite!! Way to go Chloe and Faith. They did so good at the trials!!

Your pal,

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Hello Amber!

This is my first time reading your look very familiar!I think your Mommy is one of the trainers at right? If so,that's so cool! My Mom brings me there to go for obedience class as well...=)

Congrats on all your sisters' wins! I wish I could go to the beach too...maybe I can persuade Mom to bring us there sometime. heh!


Kess & Her Mama said...

You gals did it again! You all rule! Congrats. What a lovely time you had in Penang. Wished my humans brought me along when they went a few months back. But the hotel they stayed in doesn't allow dogs :-(

River said...

That was amazing! Great show, esp. the Grease part! I think it's wonderful you get to go on a sort of vacation and bring back medals. Wow.

love & wags,

ChaCha & Yuki said...

wow congrats faith and chloe!! i'm so hooman never brought me to the beach.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Amber!
You all had a great time there at Penang!
I loved seeing all the pictures!
You have lots of stylish undies!
Kisses and hugs

Faya said...

Congratulations to your sister for qualification to the OB trials !
What a beautiful place you where ! Look at this beach....I cannot imagine my lake "salty" like your sea....
Kisses, Faya

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i saw those black doggies at the beach too.... n i had a great time playing with the small puppy who had an even nicer collar than mine

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

What a great trip you had and Congrats on all the certificates and medals.

Boy n Baby

SushiQ said...

Happy holiday!
U and ur sister r cute and funny during the trip
hope u r going to hv fun in else where soon

Helios said...

that looks like so much FUN! I think I'm going to the beach this sunday too, unless my baby sister happens to pop out before then. I hope she stays til after Sunday!

Charlie Daniels said...

I am feeling really tired after reading all of your adventure. What a great time you had! TBU really likes Thai food ... I'll have to tell him to go there! ;-)



BWTH Dog House said...

OMdoG, thats realy a fun trip!! and congrat on your award!!

Huskee Boy said...

I have had it! You gals have all the fun, all the adventures, all the good food, all the everything!! Ermm.. Singapore and KL are not very far, can I come and join u for your next holiday?

Almighty King King said...

great job once again to all of you! love those pictures u post of the beach. Poor chole, she really doesnt seems to enjoy herself on the boat ride

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's a pawsome trip to Penang and you doggies did well. :)

~ Girl girl

Ferndoggle said...

Amber, I don't even know where to begin! The food, the beach, the boat ride...and of course, the dancing! Thanks for sharing your great trip with us...


Snowball said...

Woof! That look like really fun. The beach look so clean without scary waves that threaten to drown you. I prefer beach without any waves at all.



Simba said...

What a great trip. You swam a long way out to sea, yoiu are so brave.

Simba x

Deefor said...

That looks like a super trip. Beach. Nice fluffy beds. Good food. I love the picture of all of you swimming together. Very nice of you to take your owner for a vacation like that. Nice barking too.


Stanislaw said...

You pups have the most exciting lives!

Those are some very fashionable diapers you have there! You're obviously a lady with good taste. And all three of you are obviously a talented bunch! congrats on yet more awards!

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, you always have such amazing adventures! I am so glad you had a good time. You three are all very beautiful doggies!

Gaia the Airedale said...

Wow Penang looks soooo nice! I wanna go! You should make a special trip there with all of us doggies on Aire-Ruby! Wouldnt that be just so much fun? Looks like you got TONS of good food as well hehe! Lucky pups you all are

puppy breath,

Clover said...

Wow, Amber! What a super fun trip! Congrats to your sisters on their medals, and sweet job you did on your dancing!
The pictures of Faith with her invisible friends cracked me up!
Love Clover xo

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Amber-Mae, Chloe, and Faith!
Oh wow!! Your trip to Penang was so cool! And the pics were great, it felt like we were right there with you! We love the pics of you girls swimming together!! So cute!
Congrats on the awards and on your performances, you did pawesome!
Have a great day!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Momoko said...

Hi!Amber.I Think You are so happy, when You dance with your mom.
Though I am hairy, I am skinny.

Mack said...

You ladies have the funnest vacations!! I would absolutely love to go somewhere and stay in a hotel with my mom and dad!

Amber - I love your bikini! You are so brave not to wear the top part!

Joe Stains said...

What a lovely big room you had and what fun you had at the beach! You guys look sooo happY!!!

Sami & Baylee said...

Hi Amber,

Yes, you are gorgeous and I loved the photo of you by the waterfall! Wow what an awesome time you had on your trip. I have never neen on a boat. How did yoiu control yourself and not jump in the water? Such control you girls have cuz I would have jumped in the water! Hee hee! You guys have the best adventure. I am jealous and wish I lived close by to join you all in Penang, it looks like a very nice to visit.


Charlie said...

What a fun time you had. And your mommy is such a good trainer!
- Charlie

Preston said...

Hi Amber-mae, what a great post. My mommy and I enjoyed reading it very much. We feel like we have gone there with you. You did great with that dance routine. don't be too hard on yourself. I am glad that you all had a wonderful time.


Cassidy said...

Looks like you girls have been as busy as ever!

Cassidy x

Sophie Brador said...

That beach part looks like the most fun of all! Give you mom a big belated birthday smooch from me.


Mango said...

Where to begin. My favorite part was the way you were instrucing your Mommy what dance moves to do. She minds you very well.

Sorry you got left behind so much. At least you had a nice bed to sleep on.

All that FOOD!!!! Yowsa


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,
You and Faith and Chloe had another wonderful adventure! I am so sorry it was "your time" or I know you would have had some certs and ribbons as well. I'm proud of Faith and Chloe for theirs!

I loved the dance and am glad you had a video of it.

That boat ride looked and sounded scary! You are brave doggies!

Take care. I can't wait to read about more of your fantastic adventures!


Thor said...

What a pawsome adventure you had!
Sorry that Chloe don´t like boat rides. Amber,you´re look gorgeous in that picture! You did very well in that dance!
Chloe and Faith, congrats on your medals!
I love your pics in the beach!
All that food looks delicious!


Niamh said...

Swimming, boat rides, Thai food! Wow. What a great trip. And you girls looks so pretty posing in with your certificates. I find the long down exercises hard as I always want to go sniffing. Faith and Chloe did a great job on those exercises.

Your friend,

Deetz said...

Wow you guys take the most glorious photos ever...I love the one with you in the water playing and the leashes and the food ones....gosh I just love all of them..I wish I could have gone on that trip

Georgeous said...

Amber, this is one awesome post!What a cool girl you are in your girlwear, some mumma's would have got a girl to stay at home in thier moon phase, but you got a great holiday!
Love 'n' snuffs

Georgeous said...

Pee Es,
my Dad's favourite Thai meal is Penang Beef..

Kodak the Eskie said...

Holy cow! What a great trip! So many things to do and places to go. I think you guys liked the beach the best. So sorry you got sick from the sea water. I have not learned to swim yet. I was supposed to this weekend but it was too windy (whitecaps) to be in the water.

Hugs, Kodak

CoCo said...

My goodness...that was a super long blog. You have a lot to say when you have a super good time. It looks like you guys had a blast. A resort, a beach, lots of good food....what more can you ask for? Thanks for sharing your good time!


happy said...

What a great trip! The beach looks so fun!

parlance said...

Amber-Mae, it looks like you had lots of fun. Those beach photos are great! Poor Chloe - sea-sickness is horrible. I suffer from it too.

Amber said...

Hey Amber mae, what a pawsome trip! you even get a boat ride.. You three are the lucky pups you know :) i'm drooling over the thai food.. and very cheap the food, ordered so much. great work!!

have a nice weekend~!

Momoko said...

Hi!I pray for good luck of Chloe & Faith for the OB trials.I like you who have Faith's medal proudly.


Thanks so much for all the kind words and prayers for my Aunt Annie. She left us yesterday. Me and the Mommy have been reading all our friends bloggies all day because the Mommy says you all make us laugh. It looks like you had antoher fun trip. I never get to do anything exciting.

Thanks so much Amber Mae, Chloe & Faith for being my friends...Love Mona & the Mommy

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god....grate place,,, and the beach... ufffffffffff
the trip was perfect..
we send you all our love

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Amber,
I'm barkless! Your life is full of achievement and excitement.
I wish I had one hundreth of your talents!
Can we be friends please. Love your blog so much!

Jackson said...

Hey Amber, your hotel and the beach looked pawsome! Congrats on all your achievements, as usual! And yes, of course you look gorgeous in that photo. You don't even have to ask! Jx

Petey said...

Hi Amber,

Wow! We feel like we went on that trip to Penang with you. The boat ride looked like lots of fun, though there were some scary clouds out there. You are three hot beach babes!

Your pal,


Butchy & Snickers said...

Amazing trip pals! We just love the pictures of you 3 especially. We're glad you had such a great time!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Asta said...

You awe the ost bootifullest!!!! that twip looks soo fun and youw hotel was gweat, but the best is those pictoowes of the beach...WOw I hope you entewed into the pawlimpics.cause you would be suwe to win..beach babes all thwee of you
smoochie kisses and congwatulations on youw cewtificates and stuff!


Hi Ameber Mae,

Your right, Toby was was not a camel....the Mommy is old you know & she forgets things. We just got some pictures of Toby and his new family and guess what he gots a sister too!!

The Mommy wants to know can she use the 3 of you girls picture on our bloggie for a post about some of my bestest DWB friends?

Love Mona

the 4 Bs said...

wowsers, you kiddos had quite a bunch of fun. you did everything -playing, performing, swimming, boating, winning, eating ! it looks like a great trip. that boat ride looks like fun, but maybe a little scary. we know we would love swimming in the water and playing on the beach with Faith and her imaginary friend!



Hi Amber,
WOW what a great trip! This was a very enjoyable post to read and the video of you dancing was fantastic. We still haven't received our parcel and are starting to worry that someone at customs or some other doggy has taken it:(

Momoko said...

Hi,Amber!That big mouse is a nutria.

Boo said...

omDOG, you guys have so much fun! i have never been to another state b4 but i keep reading all 3 of u going somewhere. i am so jealous.

wet wet licks


Comet and BLU said...

Wow wow wow! What a great trip you had. The beach...the fountains...thai food.... comfy beds.... That sounds like so much fun!

Comet and BLU
ps. happy late late birthday to your mom.

Hero said...

Wow! What an exciting adventure you all had. I loved all your pics, especially the ones at the beach.

Dino & Family said...

Whoa!!!! Another awesome trip! I must say you three are really the luckiest pups in the world. It looked like so much fun! Congratulations on your awards!


Booker the Treeing Walker said...

What an awesome post with great photos! Thank you for sharing - we loved reading about Penang. We want to visit as well.

Sparky said...

Your adventures look like so much fun! Amber, you look so cute in your various underpants. Wink, wink.