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August 5, 2007

I Can Retrieve Over Jump!!!

Did I mention to you all that I'm now in Intermediate level? Sorry, can't remember but I really am! And I can finally retrieve items my mommy asks me to! Retrieve over flat & over jump. I don't do it sooo well coz I don't really enjoy it, yuck! Especially when I have to hold things in MY mouth...(Mommy: So much for a Golden "Retriever" huh?) But I still do it when she asks me to so stop complaining lady!
Hehehe, I know I kinda look half dead in the video but that's how I show how much I don't enjoy it...And errrrr, that basket, I still haven't learn how to hold that thing altho the handle is right there on top of it. But I hope you enjoyed it & errrrr, have I mentioned that I am smart? I'm sure I have!

Thank you for watching! Would you like a bag of treats ya'll?

Oh yes! My hoomans, mommy, me & my two sistas are going to a place called Genting Highlands later tonight to eat, drink & to chill out. This is the only place in Malaysia where the air is very cold! Ahhhhh... how great! It's only an hour drive from our place to there. My mommy is bringing jackets for us, boohoo! She said it's really, really cold there & we might turn into popsicles if we don't wear our jackets. Will ask mommy to take pictures when we're there & post about it in two or three days time. So, have a great day everypups & GG!


Maggie said...

Wow! You can hold a basket full of treats in your mouth and not help yourself??!! You're better than me Amber! What a cute picture!

Love ya lots,

Boo said...

you are in intermediate class huh? too bad your today's class got cancel. but glad you still get to play agility. i'm sure all you three enjoy the activity.

as usual, i have my walkie twice a day today. but the evening ones are especially long. i think it took like 45 mins. i meet lots of dogs and this mini poodle really likes me a lot. probably thought i'm a girl. ha!

please let us know how your genting trip yer.

wet wet licks


Balboa & Mommy said...

You are so smart Amber, you are the QUEEN of commands!!!!

I would'nt want the basket either, who wants to retreive a boring empty basket, but now a basket filled with yummy things, now were talking!

ROSSI said...

Oh Amber darling.. no doubt you are the best!.. and oh.. it was great to meet you today.. and i have a great time.. oops sorry for the h**ping .. hehehe.. sorry ya!!

Golden Rossi

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

You are soooooo clever Amber Mae!

Intermediate class as well, you are a star!

You are right though, you do look a wee bit fed up in that video!

Hope you dont get tooooo cold tonight, love and warm licks, Marvin xxxxxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Amber.
Intermediate level??
I wll never stop saying that you are so smart!
Watching your video I can say that you weren't all happy there but you did it anyway!!
Did you have some of those treats?? Sure you deserved them!!
Have a nice day

Finn's Dad said...

Whoa an entire basket? That's seems like more than intermediate to me. Great video also.

Joe Stains said...

We would have to drive for a very long time to find some cool air. You do a great job on your jumping, I would not be too excited about it either.

Thanks for the nomination on the photo of the month!!!!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Amber, you went to Genting too?? Did you meet up with my dad & mom?? They went to Genting yesterday WITHOUT ME AGAIN !!! Im sooooooooooooooooooo sad......

Luckie Girl said...

Of course you are smart Amber!! :) I never had a doubt about that. Enjoy your drive to Genting. I bet you'll look really cute in your jackets.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Amber, you are really a smart girl. Do post pictures on the Genting trip.

Boy n Baby

Pacco de Mongrel said...

another trip ur guyz r going!...

u guyz so 'hang fuk' lah....make me d boring mutt in d cage so jealous...

i bet u enjoy d cold weather there....n share d pics later...

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey, the hooman went to Genting WITHOUT ME & they said Im NOT ALLOW to go come u gals going then?? They were lying, lier!!!! No more licks for the LIERS!!!!

Hui Min said...

you ARE smart!! :) hee hee hee HM also makes me do that carrying thing sometimes, but i forgot i have stuff in my mouth when i'm running after her and it sometimes drops out along the way hee hee


Anonymous said...

Wow - I am awe of you in intermediate class - you are so clever Amber!! I hope one day I'll be able to do that too!


Texas's Mum said...

Hey Amber,
I'm very very impressed
you are very smart.
And for you to hold a basket
full of yummy treats and not try
and get them well all I have to say is

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Wow! You are so smart Amber-Mae! And you are in intermediate class! So cool! :) Kisses!

Tigerkiller said...

Check this out! Bear have nuffnang ads on his blog! Citibank and Nike!

Max Dex said...

I like to trick the hoomans. They always ask me to fetch. I will take the bone, walk towards them and just before I reach, I'll run away!!!


Stanley said...


You were SO not into that retrieving game. I *did* see your tail wagging toward the end when you made your hooman say "get it" over & over & over again! hehehe I thought *that* was the best trick of the video!

You're AMAZING, girlie! Obviously your smart, but you know what you like. And that game wasn't it. I'll know who to call, though, if I need something retrieved on the other side of a jump!

Goober love & admiration,

jaffeboy said...

R U really going to Gentin Highlands? How lucky!!! The cold air must be very nice!

Pictures pictures pictures ok?!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Amber,
Man you are so good at learning things. So cool you carry the basket with treats in it! Did you get to eat any of them?? Hope you had a great weekend & have fun on your trip!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Charlie said...

You are so amazing, Amber! You're very very smart!! Stay cool on your trip and tell us all about it later.
- Charlie

Jackson said...

I can't believe that you carried the treat filled basket and didn't help yourself! It must have been sooooooooo tempting! Hope you have fun in Genting. Can't wait to see the photos! J x

Tofu Burger said...

YOu are the smartest lady I know Amber-mae!! How was your weekend... you didn't turn into a popsicle didja? I can wait to hear and see the highlands in your next post... you sounded sooooo excited!


Ferndoggle said...

Nice work Amber!!! Very impressive.

Hope you didn't freeze at dinner.


Sparky said...

Wow, you're very good at retrieving things! An yes, I would love some treats!

I hope you have a good time at the cold place. At the moment I am melting here at the lake. You won't believe how hot it gets in this desert place!


Ume said...

Hi Amber,
u r undoubtedly the Queen of Tricks! luv the pic of u with the basket of treats! can i have some too?

ooohhh... u gals get to go to Genting??? i'm green with envy! Jiejie is surprised dat dogs r allowed in Genting. can't wait to c the pix!!!

3 Furballs said...

Amber, you're so smart! We wish we could do what you can do! Unfortunately Rubie is so greedy that she'll grab the treats 1st.

Wow going to Genting together! It's a real family trip! Enjoy!

~Sweety baby~ said...

Hi Amber,

Dogs are allowed in genting?

Hehe i am as surprise as Ume too.

My family also go genting at least twice a yr but WITHOUT ME!!!

Its really cold up there and hope you enjoy urself totally!

Can't wait to see the pictures too.

Lots of Love,

PreciOus said...

Oooo! My hoomans love Genting Highland! They say it's an affordable place to avoid the hot hot weather. Can't wait to see your pics. =)


Simba said...

How can you hold all those treats and not munch them???

Simba xx

Bella said...

Such clever tricks - there is no end to your talent

Putter said...

A whole basket of treats to yourself, WOW! I can't even believe how lucky you are!!!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Tadpole said...

Amber Mae, you are so, SO smart! I can only dream of being as good as you are when I grow up! :-)

Charlie said...

Hey, Amber, maybe we should go over to Girl Girl's and see if she'll use her car to help us get Sophie out of lockdown?
- Charlie

Ling Ling said...

Hehe. That's a nice trick you've learned there!

I wish I could do that! I probably would've eaten all the treats, first. =]

Ling Ling

ToFFee said...


now I'm drooling.. it looks like bacon....

you are very smart Amber.. me I only retrieve my toys on my own liking... because my pawrents just throw it away from my bed.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Amber, you're so smart to retrieve things and hold a basket. I would like some treats hee :)

~ Girl girl

Amber said...

Awesome video, Amber-mae. I only retrive if there's treat. Nice basket full of treats 6:
OhMYDOG!! You go to Genting Highlands? Are dogs allowed there? Look forward to the genting highland pics!!
Take CAre