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April 29, 2007

The Egg Experiment

Yesterday, after my mommy watched Mad Labs on National Geographic, she saw the funny scientists doing an experiment on an egg. So, mommy also decided to try it out...

First, she had to soak the egg(not cracked) in a bowl of plain vinegar. After a few minutes, air bubbles started to come out from the egg shell. And then in a few hours time, the egg shell started to melt. The eggshell froth feels like marshmallow. This is caused by the acidic vinegar which melts off the calcium of the egg shell.

After 24hours of soaking, the egg became like this! Cool huh?!

Look! I can see the egg yolk floating in there! And it has become squishy too!

Squishy, squishy... you're my squishy! Eeeeww, jelly egg! The vinegar has actually melted off the whole shell till the egg membrane's left to hold the yolk in place. And, what did my mommy do to the jelly egg after that?

Yes! She microwaved it with some oats for me to eat. But I didn't eat it coz it tasted HORRIBLE!!! It tasted so bitter & sour... The vinegar has sipped through the egg membrane. Well, mommy threw it away after that. That's it, bye bye jelly egg!

It was a fun experiment! I think you guys should try it too... teeheehee!


Suki said...

That egg looks so cool after the shell came off! Like an alien egg or something! :)

I like eggies, too, but vinegar tasting eggies? Blech! I agree with bueno.

Puggy kisses

José Tan said...

Hi Amber-Mae,

Your mom did a really cool experiment! So interesting!! Poor you though, having to eat the vinegared egg. Yuck Yuck Yuck!! Better luck tasting your Mom's other experiments next time!

Lick Licks

Maggie said...

Hey that's pretty cool Amber! I wanna try that too but I agree with you - toss it - don't eat it! ewwwwwwwwwww

Love ya lots,

Billy said...

Hey Amber:)

That looks like an interesting experiment to try with my hooman brothers they would like that! Thanks for sharing.

As for why I haven't been doing much visiting lately it's because our computer kept freezing every time we tried to do something.

Geeky Boo suggested we download Firefox if we had space on the computer which we did and since Friday night it hasn't frozen at all yipppeee!

So this week mom is catching up on everything:) We are back to normal finally.

Why haven't you been to chat? The times I've been there no you snif snif:(

BUT good news! The chat room is going to remain open forever so we can go and chat in real time when we can...isn't that cool?

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Oscar Airedale said...

Cool egg, but ewww to the vinegar!

Oscar x

e said...

WOW Amber. I want to try that too. It looks pretty amazing.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

cool !!
i'll try it out 2nite..

Luna said...

this is very interesting & educational Amber!!

Boo said...

hey amber-mae,

i thought your ma is busy chatting. but she found time doing the egg periement too huh.

i don't recommend u eating the egg coz i suspect it's gonna be SOUR!

wet wet licks


Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Amber-Mae,
That's a cool experiment..but it's such a waste of that yummy egg. hehee..I rather Mom just feed that to me.

Thanks for adding me girl... :)

I will add you too!! :)

triple B said...

That's kind of a weird looking egg after the shell melted off. It would creep us out to eat something like that - or not! Food is food! Unless it tastes like vinegar that is.... eeeewwwww... we like your photos down below of the party... cool stuff... you're too cute! all of you!

Amber-Mae said...

Suki- Chloe wanted to play with it actually but when she sniffed it, she put on a 'poo poo' face like Sunshade did, lol!

Maggie- Don't ever eat it! It's disgusting!!!

Billy- Oh I see Billy... Yes, use Firefox. It's the best & less viruses comes in too. I'm using it too! Yeah, I will chat with you when mommy gives me a chance to use the comp. Glad you're back honey!

Boo- Mommy always has alot of time to do lots of things especially using the comp. Hehehe...

Luckie- It was yummy before it went thru the experiment. LOL!

TribleB- I love that picture too!

Thanks for your comments everyone!
Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

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