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March 18, 2007

My Owner is an Idiot

Look! I have a plastic bag on my head...I'm a Chinese Emperror!

Oh my dog...what have I become?

Oh, I feel so blessed today by God...


Boo said...

faith looks like a NUN!

wet wet licks


Suki said...

I love that picture of Faith. Is that a bra on Amber's head? LOL!
Puggy kisses

Marvin The Dog said...

hee hee heeeee! They are such cool pictures.....! Funny, funny funny!

I get dressed up sometimes as well, and hoooomiliated by having my Mama publish them on my Blog.

! love and licks Marvin The Braveheart Dog from Bonnie Scotland xxxxxx

Fu Fu said...

OMG!! Amber, what is THAT on your head???

~ fufu

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hahhaha....ur owner is really a little crazy**hahah

umekotyan said...

This is interesting.
The emperor in China is lovely.

From loved ume tyan

Avery said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to meet other Goldens. Amber sounds like a very smart girl. I'd love to see some of her tricks/performances on your blog.


Melissa-Jane said...

Boo- Hehehe...actually it's suppose to be a 'tudung'. She looks so holly...

Suki- Yes it is...Amber is so shameful, sigh!

Marvin- Our dogs don't even know that they're being hoooomiliated. LOL!

Fufu- I think you would have guessed it now...

Pacco- Yes I am...most of the time actually.

Ume- Yeah, the emperor of Chine. Chloe didn't even realize that there's something on her head. I think it was becoz it was so light.

Avery- Hey there, thanks for visiting my blog too! You can see some videos of her doing tricks in the old archives. I wanna see you perform actually...heehee!

Amber said...

ahahaha~ funny doggy pics! Amber & the gang seems to don't mind the stuffs on their heads, lol. Whose bra is that XD j/k XD

luv Amber!!

PiratesGrrl said...

Great pics!!! Mom dresses us up too, humans are so easily amused.

The Brat Pack

Molly said...

Nice pics done by ur mommy hahahah ! altho a bit embarrassng, but still, adorable kekeke !

oh btw, my mailing addy is :
No.6, Jalan Mahir, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Cheers !