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March 31, 2007

Here comes ME!!!

Hey everyone! Ahhh...this is my first post finally done by non other than ME! Ooo...I'm so excited! Anyway, would like to share something with you all doggies about something my mommy's recently complaining about. Yes, can you imagine? She's complaining about me, Me, ME!

She's saying that I'm becoming like my sista, Faith. Choosy about my food. I won't eat my dry kibbles but only nice juicy human food like fried chicken backside, boiled chicken liver, curry mutton, McDonalds beef burger, butter rice, oooh-ho-ho-ho...*begins to drool* How can she be complaining about something like this? She said human food is very fattening. Oh mommy, you should look at yourself in the mirror! My heart is SO broken right now...

Come on, can you guys eat dry kibbles everyday too? I mean first of all, it's hard, dry, it's in pallet shape & all of them taste the same doesn't matter what the flavor is, right? It's like eating sawdust everyday for the rest of our lives...How can we doggies survive eating "things" like that? NO!!! I'm not gonna let my evil mommy do this to me. I must fight for my rights! Heeeheeeheee, if I can.

But sometimes she does pity me & gives me some delicious cake & the remaining fried chicken she eats. Come on, look at my face? How can you do this to such a pitiful face like me? I'm sure you other doggies are getting a chance to eat human food too. I know our owners are not as evil as we think they are...I know they are just trying to do the best they can for us & feed us the best food they have in the market. But I still disagree with the dry food part!

Ah....I feel good!
Oh and by the way fellas, some goodie news here. My fresh milk has reduced & my titties are going down. I'm no longer in this false pregnancy fantasy thingy! Yipeeeeee...! BUT, my sista Faith has it now. Oh for DOGness sakes! Hope she'll be fine & back to her normal self soon.


Suki said...

Amber, you are so lucky to even get human food! My mom doesn't give me any, but Twix always gets leftovers! What's with that?!? Just cuz I'm a growing puppy, she says. I think she just feels bad for Twix since he only has 3 legs.

Puggy kisses

Herbie said...

My M cooks for me... I don't get kibbles at all, although I don't mind eating it, but my M refuses to let me eat any, because she says I get the runs EVERYTIME I eat kibbles. :P

Amber said...

Hey Amber-mae,congrats for the first post :3
I absolutely love FOOD!!! Thinking of food makes me drool and I can do unthinkable things just for food!!! My mommy doesn't want to feed me human food too but I got some yummy piece and crumbs from family member and not forgeting stealing food. I know is shamful act but I can't stop it!!! Food!!FOOD!!! FFFOOOOOOODDDDD!!! Oh yea, great news, I'm gaining weight and i'm a FAT chihuahua!!!

luv Amber!!

Charlie said...

I LOVE kibble! Or anything else I can fit in my mouth for that matter. Treats, sticks, chews, carrots... I LIVE to EAT!!!
- Charlie

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Amber,
Thanks for visiting our blog. We love yours!!! And you are going to be famous??? tv commercial and all? We hope it is played here in the US.
We eat dry kibble too, but also get people food (chicken breast, deer burger, green beans, cottage cheese, natural yogurt) plus Mama puts salmon oil on our kibble. We have the big dog food recall in the US right now. Mostly the wet canned/foil pack food, but now there are a few dry brands being recalled too. Mama is kind of scared, and might quit our kibble & find a different one. Many dogs are dying. You can also eat plain pumpkin from the can with your kibble.
We'll add you to our cyber pals blog list on our page. Can't wait to read more of your daily adventures!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Our neighbor has a female golden retriever & she is scared of us small doggies, hehehehe!

Boo said...

oh amber, you have lazy bum bum! you don't even want to stand while eating. LOL

ok, this is what my mom been doing for the past few months. she mixed my dry kibbles with wet canned food. i wonder will that change your appetite?

i love hooman food too but my hooman don't always give me so i will have to depend on my own food.

wet wet licks