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March 6, 2007


From Apawdemy Award-winning filmmaker Melissa-Jane ("The Day She Came Into Our Lives," "Splish! Splash!") comes A-Dog-Alypto: a heart stopping, mythic adventure set against the turbulent of the canine civilization.

p/s: Make sure you put your speaker volume up high, switch off the lights, sit back & relax. Oooohoohoo...Enjoy! Oh and after watching, please rate movie. Thank you!

1 comment:

Boo said...

a 9 star (out of 10)!

that 1 star is for... AMBER, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD!!! next time, close eyes and pull your tongue out at one side to make it looks real!

nice editing. i wanna have my own movie now.

wet wet licks