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February 1, 2007

Hire a Performing Dog for your Party!

Are you looking for a talented performing dog to perform at your party? If yes, hire Amber-Mae, Malaysia'a 1st dancing Golden Retrievers who can perform a variety of neat tricks & interesting dance routines for your party.

~Amber-Mae aka Solid Gold Dancer~
This Golden Retriever was born to dance! Even though she excels in dog Obedience & Agility, Canine Musical Freestyle is her forte. Amber started OB training right away at the age of 3 months & has now reached up to the level of Intermediate. She has never once failed in any of her OB exams & was always a top scorer. She's also doing very well in Flyball & Agility & we are concentrating on upping her performance in dance & show.

Amber is an incredibly fast learner. She picks up a trick within 10 minutes. She understands very quickly what's required by her & perform it in a jiffy.

Amber wowed the crowed with her dance performance at the K9 Carnival held on 14th January. The crowd was so fascinated with her dance moves that they yelled, "Encore! Encore!" So Amber did the dance again. She was also voted for her beauty & that's why she won 'Miss K9 Malaysia 2007' & the 'Most Intelligent Dog', beating 100 over contestants to the titles & Amber was only 15 months old at that time.

Amber is still the youngest dog in her OB class at Intermediate level & is possibly the youngest Golden Retriever that dances in Malaysia. She is our star child!

To watch Amber in action, hire her for your function/carnival/party, by e-mailing Melissa at OR replying this post.

Prices are stated below:

- Package 1 (One dance performance, 30min socialization/playtime/picture taking time with Amber) RM150

Package 2 (One dance performance, 10min tricks performance, 30min socialization/playtime/picture taking time with Amber) RM250

- Package 3 (Two dance performances, 10min tricks performance, 30min socialization/playtime/picture taking time with Amber) RM350

1) Socialize/Play/Take pictures with a very calm, very well socialized Golden Retriever, Chloe who loves playing with children. (optional)
2) Socialize/Play/Take pictures with a gentle, kind, very well socialized Dalmatian, Faith who loves children too. (


Carol said...

Hey, its true that golden retrievers like to dance since my golden lab too loves to dance to the tunes of music.

check this out too pet ecards

Melissa-Jane said...

Hi Carol. Yeah its true...Oh, your lab can dance too? That's good to hear...

Boo said...

oh amber mae is an entertainer now. LOL

did you watch Show Dogs' Mom & Dad on ... not sure discovery channel or animal planet. but one of the dog - a Weimaraner. she dances too and perform tricks with the owner. the dog will go to any pawty show when booked.

unfortunately, since m'sia have a lot of "those hooman" that's why it is kinda difficult for a dog entertainer to survive. LOL

wet wet licks


Melissa-Jane said...

Yes Boo, I've watched that tv programme too. The Weimarainer named Chelsie & her owner also came on Pet Star before. I can see Chelsie's speed is the same as Amber's. Not very fast...But she has made it quite far even somebody from Japan asked whether they would like to perform there but the owner said no. See, if she can go that far, Amber can too! And all they do is perform dancing you know. Nothing difficult!

angelosam123 said...

This is so funny
yaa i wanna to have a naughty dog on my Party Hire to make my celebration more entertaining.your dog's picture in the blog is so cute.......

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