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December 16, 2006

We've Recieved Your X'mas Cards!

Loving them all...!

These are the cards we got so far...Just received two this morning. One from Baby & Boy and the other's from Thor the Dobermann's owner who is currently now in Sweden. That stoopid postman went and folded Baby & Boy's card, trying to put it on our gate coz too lazy to put the cards in the post box which was just three feet away. Now it's bent! And also, he's so scared of our dogs, LOL! So these are Amber's & Faith's Dogadie-Reindeers that we would like to thank;

Boo & Sammie
Pacco & Amanda

Ru-fus & Xin Yin

Boy & Baby

Thor's Owner, Shireen

Thank you all for your wonderful cards, Amber & Faith loved them alot! And I would like to thank Boo again for the X'mas present he & his hooman gave to us last nite.


Prince said...

Great Achievement Congratulation ! But...

You've been Christmas tagged!. To find out more please visit my blog :)

Melissa-Jane said...

Thanks Prince...