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September 16, 2006

More about my darling Amber...

Describing Amber-Mae is the most easiest thing to do. First of all, like I've mentioned in the first post was that she's a real 'NUTSO'! She's a big, rough & clumsy dog. She's always in the way especially when my mom's carrying a hot bowl of soup. She's heavy eventhough she's slim in other words, she can be described as a 100 ton bulldozer crashing all over the place especially into us! You have no idea how painful it can be...

"Intelligent, Suspicious & Naughty" is her motto. She's a smart dog that can learn commands or tricks in 20 minutes. No more, no less. She's very good obedience & tricks. Amber's a caring, loving dog that gets attached to those who care & love her - instantly!

She's the best Golden Retriever in the world! There's not one hair on her that I would rearrange, I love her the way she is & that will never change.

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