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September 17, 2006

Best tricks by Amber!

Here are some interesting tricks that Amber performed for you guys to see. Please tell her that she did WONDERFULLY!!! kekeke...The 1st trick that she's doing is called 'Weaving'. See how she goes through my legs as I walk forward? Amber's a bit clumsy here & there so I have to open my legs wider for her to be able to go through them. After that, she did a trick called 'Who's The Boss?' which she had to sit between my two legs & stare at me. Interesting huh? Hope you enjoyed it!


Molly said...

Hi melisa ! its me jane.. mommy to Molly.. remember me ?

wow i like to see amber do that tricks! really nice ! i hope my molly can too one day.. where she learn from? isit from classes? what classes is that ?

Melissa-Jane said...

Hey Jane, nice to hear from you again!

Thanks! Amber really appreciates that...Actually I taught her myself at home. She took only two days to learn those tricks. It's easy to teach & your Molly will be able to do it too someday. Just use her fav toy or treat and just lead her through your legs & saying the commands 'in' then 'out'. Put her in a heel position & you go on from there! If you need more help just ask me, tata!

Molly said...

very nice of you melissa.. oops sory for the wrong spelling in the first comment :-)

waha ! well, it certainly sounds simple.. but i think i need to focus on the commands first.. hehhe.. im still not able to train her to heel.. hmm.. heel also u train her urself? oh ya. about the boarding. i stay so far. cheras, yet have transport. wonder how can it be done. hmm..

*i think better email u soon. not appropriate to discuss here, cus the you-know-la* hahha..

thanks !

Molly said...

btw, coming this sunday to the mdro day? looking forward to see u and amber and faith.. hehhe.. spot me. me long hair one. hahha ! with no dog, but got a male human

Melissa-Jane said...

Hey Molly!

Oh, still working on the heel ha...Well, take your time coz you cute-cute Molly's still young.

Erm, actually I'm not going for the MDRO Day coz we got training on that day too plus, we already booked for the A'Famosa trip so that should be enuf! Maybe the next MRDO Day we'll come...Why not bringing your pupsy along?

Molly said...

ohh u mean the puppycom training ?is agility training? hehhe.. ur kid should do just great !

im going. but im not going with molly. becos for ur info, she just got her first jab. final jab should be expected on 1st nov. that time, is also my training starting time.. so. hehe.

actually , how often is the mdro? annually? im very interested in knowing how often puppycom organise events.. isit every mth sure got events?

Melissa-Jane said...


Actually, we are coming tomorrow. Hehehe, go mixed up! Nope, we train her at South City Plaza, MKA training.

She just started her Novice class two weeks ago. MRDO Day is usually quiet often. I think after two to three months, they'll have it. I'm not really sure actually coz this is our 2nd time going. We'll come early & leave at 12pm for our mutts to rest for their training at 4pm.

I'm very excited coz I'm entering both my dogs in some of the competitions. Hopefully they both will win sumthing, at least...*Cross Fingers*

Hope to see you there tomorrow, what time you coming and what you'll be wearing? Coz many women there have long hair too...hehehe!

Molly said...

hihi.. soli, just saw ur comment here today.. keke.. so din update u on wat im gonna wear.. now its over..

ok.. i wore a black color worker-skirt with orange+green-collar shirt. saw me? hehhe.. i din really roam around, but i (erm, i mean, me and Male Human friend) did went to few siberian huskies -- Male Human keeps asking around siberian husky owners about his fav breed Norweigian Elkhound -- Huskies look like them.

I think Norweigian Elkhound is not able to be found here, cus here the weather tooo HOT ! Poor Male Human. Oh.. y he so love this breed? cus his housemate reared this breed back when he was in the UK

I reached there around 10am cus raining (grrr)... and went to 1U at around 12n.. hmmm..

wow so did ur furkids win any competition?

Melissa-Jane said...

Hahaha! Now only I saw your post! Sorry, 4 da late reply. Anyway, didn't notice you there coz too busy with the competitions, haha! Well, I think you know what Amber won...